Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus, director of the Colosseum archaeological park: “Enough rock concerts, this is a monument and must be respected”

After the performance of the American rapper Roman, the controversy does not subside. In addition to the earthquake effect perceived by the residents of the area, there were moments of panic on the show, with 60 people being poisoned by pepper spray that evaporated in the crowd.

Travis Scott at the Circus Maximus, director of the Colosseum archaeological park: “Enough rock concerts, this is a monument and must be respected”

Circus Maximus – monument, not a stadium where you can hold rock concerts. The day after the performance of rapper Roman Travis scott, the words of the director of the Colosseum Archaeological Park came, Alfonsina Russian. For the director to involve more than 60,000 people who jump and dance, causing eearthquake in the neighborhood it’s not the right way to respect the ancient arena. For this reason, a positive opinion will no longer be given on its use for this type of event. “Given what has happened, including in relation to public safety, as well as the preservation and protection of the archaeological heritage,” Russo explains, “we will give a negative opinion about these kinds of events. According to Rousseau, only performances such as opera or ballet should take place at the Circus Maximus. There are stadiums for “rock concerts”. The request for a venue for the concert, Russo says, came in early August when the technical table was drawn up. “We had reservations about this kind of event and made a number of recommendations, given that Roma Capitale has already committed itself,” explains the director of the park. Among the requests were those that did not exceed the legal decibel limit and did not incite the standing public to jump. “These requirements were not met, so we sent a note to Rome asking for urgent feedback to understand why they were not met,” Russo concludes.

Roma Capitale’s answer came from the words Marian AngelucciTourism and Major Events Commission President: “Travis Scott Concert with Kanye West actually included history of live concerts Angelucci retorted, “and the major international papers agree. celebration, recognition of absolute dominance in Rome. Last year, thanks to concerts at the Circus Maximus, the Municipal Office collected 2 million 100 thousand euros to improve and protect our precious archaeological and monumental heritage. Money that would otherwise never exist. The city also derives great tourist, economic and employment benefits from this,” Angelucci concluded, who then did not spare Rousseau. “I am sorry that the director Alfonsina Russo, who today has serious problems with the online advertising of tickets to the Colosseum, which will triple the costs for users, and is having difficulty managing the area under her responsibility in the best possible way, where yesterday “Only the injury of a boy, who walked around the Palatine Square to see the concert, you prefer to indicate the type of show suitable for the Circus Maximus,” concluded the President of the Tourism Commission.

However, it should be said that the fall of the 14-year-old was not the only accident of the evening. About sixty people were poisoned by pepper spray sprayed into the crowd. They felt their throats and eyes burn, and immediately ran away, and from the stage, Travis Scott, without suspecting it, continued his show. Moments of tension, which could have escalated into something much more serious, caused, the organizers of the concert say (Living nation and local promoter Base) “by a few irresponsible people” and who, nevertheless, were managed “professionally and in a timely manner, thanks to a perfect organizational and safety machine.” But some people think differently. “The concert started in just ten minutes,” say those present, arguing that the intervention of doctors was also necessary. “The situation was unmanageable, many started to swear, they wanted to try to find the culprits, but among all these people it was impossible,” says Antonio, who was on the grass near the Circus Maximus. People who climbed over the barriers, others who pushed towards the barriers. He saw it all. Antonio was primarily afraid of “mass panic” and the fact that someone might be crushed. “I thought about leaving as soon as possible, I was afraid that the attackers were still around,” he adds. Some even complain that “the stewards didn’t want to open the emergency exits so as not to aggravate the situation.” There are fears that the chili gang may return: the gang, armed with poisonous spray, operated during concerts specifically to steal. Videos posted on social networks show rivers of people rushing as far as possible, “up the hill.”

The pepper spray panic scenes take us back to the tragedy at the Lanterna Azzurra disco. Corinaldowhere on the night of December 7-8, 2018, waiting for the trapper’s concert Sphere of Ebbasta, a gang of six young people sprayed a spray among people: in a stampede fleeing a disco, five teenagers and a 39-year-old mother were killed. The crowd essentially poured through the emergency exit onto a small ramp, causing the side balustrade to collapse. Dozens of people fell and overwhelmed the victims. The stampede also resulted in deaths during the annual Astroworld festival in Houston hosted by Travis Scott. Ten people – all between the ages of 14 and 27 – were pressed against the stage during the rapper’s performance, with the crowd crowding behind them. “I am devastated,” Scott commented after the tragedy.

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