Travis Scott Concert at the Circus Maximus

After Egypt’s “no” to an offer to hold a concert between the pyramids, American rapper Travis Scott decided to choose Rome as the last stop of his tour, or rather the Circus Maximus. An area that has hosted many concerts over the years, including international bands such as Rolling Stones (in 2014) and Guns N’ Roses in July last year. A calendar of musical events to which the Roman public (and not only) responds with enthusiasm for a unique and memorable experience in the historic valley that separates the Palatine and the Aventine. But this time some restrictions have been crossed. The American rapper’s crowd of 70,000 fans made the Circus Big (literally) tremble, jump and dance at significant decibels, so much so that some townspeople, even miles away from the event, thought of an earthquake. In this regard, the director of the archaeological park Colosseum Alfonsina Russoshe exposed herself by accusing Mayor Roberto Gualtieri of ignoring various prescriptions he had given regarding the upcoming concert.

Travis Scott in concert at the Circus Maximus.  via romatodai
Travis Scott in concert at the Circus Maximus. via romatodai

Q&A between Rome’s institutions rages ahead of Travis Scott’s concert at the Circus Maximus.

In short, it was not an earthquake, although it was recorded by the INGV seismographs, but the acoustic impact was so strong that it was felt in many neighboring areas with several emergency calls from the Romans.
This is a monument, not a stadium– Alfonsina Russo appears, picked up by the newspaper. Republic. “This is not the place for concerts for 70,000 people: in general, the municipality asks the Capitol Superintendent for the green light, and we also express our opinion. I gave a number of recipes, I also talked about this with Mayor Gualtieri. But obviously I didn’t convince him.“. However, it is not the mayor who should answer the accusations, but the adviser for major events. Honored Alexanderexplaining that the director of the park “gave a positive assessment of the concert, with the indication that the audience he shouldn’t have jumped“. But how can you not jump and dance when thousands of people gathered to enjoy the show of their idol? Perhaps instead of imposing surrealistic rules that cannot be followed under certain circumstances, it would be appropriate to question the genre of music that would be offered in historic areas such as the Circus Maximus.

Fence at the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus
Fence at the Colosseum and the Circus Maximus

Stop rock concerts at the Circus Maximus in Rome.

It is hoped that Roma Capitale will strengthen the Circus Maximus. Finally, it should be reworked in order to fully understand its history and function in ancient Rome, as well as in subsequent periods.– continues director Rousseau. “Musical events, in my opinion, can be held, but it is good to choose, for example, opera and ballets. Rock concerts should also be held in stadiums so as not to endanger public safety.. Not to mention, this Travis Scott concert came out at the last minute, just a few days ago.”. Despite the apparent shock, no damage to the property has been found to date.”but we don’t know what will happen“. It is still up to the Honorary Counsel to answer, emphasizing that “the only incident at Travis’ concert took place inside the archaeological site of the Colosseum, where the boy broke in and climbed up to watch the concert from afar. Rousseau should better check the site he runs, as he should avoid scalping Colosseum tickets online.“. Controversy aside, it sounds a bit odd that Alfonsina Russo is yelling “this is not a stadium” about a cultural property that is actually a stadium designed to host horse racing and large social events.

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