Travis Scott Concert, Pepper Spray to the Public: The Story of Daniele, the 19-Year-Old Girl Who Helped Many Children Get to Safety

Panic moments at a Travis Scott concert when someone sprayed the audience with pepper spray: it could have ended very badly.

On August 7, Travis Scott gave a concert at the Circus Maximus in Rome.. The tragedy was very close during the event. So far, an unknown person has sprayed pepper spray on the audience, causing many to become intoxicated. Here is what one of the guys present at the concert told

Travis Scott Concert, Dramatic Story – (Photo: Ansa) –

Travis Scott is an American rapper and record producer. He has 4 studio albums to his credit, the last one is called Utopia. During the Italian leg of his tour, something bad happened that could have had much more serious consequences.

Travis Scott concert, missed tragedy: it could have ended very badly

Summer is concert time. Events of this kind abound this season thanks to the good weather and the desire of people to listen to live music. It was the idea of ​​the thousands of fans who attended the Travis Scott concert a few days ago in Rome.

Travis Scott and the near-tragedy at his concert, here’s what the witness says – (photo: Instagram @travisscott) –

But unfortunately 60 people were under the influence of alcohol. and experienced eye and throat irritation after being sprayed with an irritating spray by someone. There were moments of panicsome of the spectators began to push and the situation became very dangerous. Daniel, nineteen years old, attended the concert and told how everything went on the portal

Daniele explained that in these excited moments, despite understandable fear, he had a willingness to protect his face first with a shirt and then with a bandana. With other guys, he managed to improvise an emergency corridor to help other people stay safe.

TOWe made sure they could move faster and safer.” — said the boy in an interview with, emphasizing that in such a situation they had to help themselves. According to him, the security was poor, something that could be guessed before the concert even started, when the young man got the impression that the fans were attacked like sardines. To the song Dior performed by Papa Smoke someone he also felt bad.

The 19-year-old also admitted that when he went to the Travis Scott show, he assumed that something might happen and that, in his opinion, the checking of backpacks at the entrance was not carried out properly. “Idiots and irresponsible people are always countless“, commented Daniel.

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