Travis Scott in Circus Maximus: the rapper will play the entire “Utopia”

Tornado Travis Scott is ready to crush the Capital. Yes, but only for an hour. According to what Rocol has learned, the show, which will feature the American rapper live at the Circus Maximus tonight, will last no more than sixty minutes, just like the one on June 30 at the Snai La Maura racetrack in Milan in front of 80,000 spectators. fans. Except that unlike the Milan concert, tonight Travis Scott will be listening to his entire new album “Utopia” live, which is still unreleased when Jacques Bermon Webster II – that’s the artist’s real name – performed in Milan at the end of June. .

The Circus Maximus line-up will focus on the songs contained in the album, released on July 28, which immediately soared to the top of the world charts, surpassing half a billion streams on Spotify seven days after its release (the album also topped the charts in Italy, debuting on Thursday immediately at number one on the official Fimi chart of best-selling albums of the week).

Tickets for the Travis Scott concert at the Circus Maximus are still on sale at a price of 46 euros per seat, excluding pre-sale fees and any additional fees. The ones for the pit, the area directly below the stage, which cost 60 euros, sold out within hours of the concert sales opening last Wednesday, less than twenty-four hours after the announcement. In fact, it wasn’t until Tuesday evening that Travis Scott announced the Circus Maximus concert with an Instagram post, confirming the rumors that had plagued each other on social media throughout the day following spoilers that had mistakenly appeared on the band’s websites. ticket companies were removed when it was too late and some users managed to take pictures of the pages with all the details of the show.

The idea of ​​a concert in an ancient Roman stadium designed to attract 60,000 mostly very young people (the ones who obsessively listen to Travis Scott’s hits in the stands, allowed him to become one of the new kings of the genre, with 67 million monthly listeners on Spotify), began to be accepted. in mind the rapper just over a week ago, when he was forced to cancel a concert in the shadow of the pyramids of Giza in Cairo due to lack of permission, with which the latter on July 28, the day of the album’s release, he wanted to present his new album “Utopia” on the worldwide live .

In “Circus Maximus,” the song that gave the movie its title was written to accompany the release of “Utopia” and shown in US theaters (some scenes were filmed in Pompeii, and the rapper has circulated clues online in recent weeks). he was going to announce a show there: the official website still has a page hinting at the untitled “Live in Pompeii”), Travis Scott describes himself as a gladiator forced to entertain the crowd. That is what he decided to do right at the Circus Maximus. His promoter, Live Nation, didn’t have to jump through hoops to accommodate his requests: at the ancient Roman stadium, Travis Scott will perform on the same stage as for Saturday’s Imagine Dragons concert, fellow members.

In fact, it will be a world premiere. This is the rapper’s first concert since the release of the new album, and on this occasion, Travis Scott will listen to the tracks contained in “Utopia” for the first time since the release.

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