Travis Scott in Harmony Korine’s new film. Masked director: “Its atmosphere suits us”

After the rapper Abel Tesfaye (real name Weekend), which, however, did not go very well in the series Idol was canceled after one season, here’s another hip-hop giant’s turn: Travis Scottable to shake the Circus Maximus and gather thousands of spectators in just one week in the center of Rome.

Phenomenon Travis Scott Arrives, Heir to the Throne of the Hip-Hop Empire

Carmine Saviano

He – along with Jordi Molla – in the film Harmony Korin AGGRO DR1FT. For several days, people under 20 on the Lido asked if they would come to camp along the path and when. Officially, his presence at the nightly premiere is not expected, but knowing how he makes sudden decisions, such as a concert of thousands of spectators at the Circus Maximus, announced just a week before the event, anything can happen.

Meanwhile, the director was at a press conference with his co-stars, who came with their faces covered in masks, “they are very comfortable to wear,” Korine commented, “like you’re getting a head massage at the same time.” The film is a visual experiment that makes extensive use of thermal imaging cameras. It’s a thriller starring a Miami killer, a psychedelic journey into the underworld.

“Travis creates great art, his music and his energy create a world with an atmosphere that fits perfectly with the story we wanted to tell and the character really stepped into that world,” said the director. He wasn’t even sure what project he was working on for the film. Video games, anime and videos from Tiktok were used in its preparation.

Korine said about the project: “We wanted to develop something that would give you the ability to think and then show it in pictures without instructions. So, in essence, a description of a dream, an illustrator of dreams. Art, music, video games. The idea was to experiment with what comes after a linear sensory experience compared to cinema. We presented it in Venice, where I presented almost all of my films, but it could have been released in other venues as well.”

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