Travis Scott, Is ‘Utopia’ Coming?

The title of the new album has surfaced on the rapper’s official website in the past few hours. Is its publication closer than expected?

12 hours ago

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Travis Scott, photo by Daniel Sanwald

utopia in name and in fact? From 2018, year of release Astroworld, Travis Scott’s new album almost sounds like an urban legend. But Its Arrival May Be Closer Than We Think, Indeed, in the past few hours, the title of the iconic album has appeared on the official website of the rapper from Houston, which seems to herald its imminent publication.

Add to this the fact that in the spring it was announced by Travis Scott himself utopia it was due in June and that Their world tour is set to begin this Friday at the Ipodromo La Moura on the occasion of Coca-Cola’s I-Days Milano., This Italian debut for La Flamme has also been eagerly awaited, so much so that 80,000 tickets were sold in a very short time. That’s why Italian (and European) fans can be the first to hear the rapper’s new songs sick mode,

“Utopia” also features a collaboration with Travis Scott and Bad Bunny.

details of utopia are still top secret (indeed, it looks like the album’s masters are locked in a suitcase of maximum security), and the only leaked indiscretion is a feature with Bad Bunny. in an interview given to Rolling stoneIn fact, the Puerto Rican singer has revealed an impending collaboration with Travis Scott, which will likely be on the latter’s album.,

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