Travis Scott Live in Pompeii: Rapper Announcement

Travis Scott, one of the most famous rappers and music producers in the world, announcing the release of his new and long-awaited album “Utopia”, made it clear: post on his social media who could give a concert in Pompeiiwhere he was warned a few weeks ago. However, the date is still unknown. However, many are convinced that this “hint” leading back to Pompeii may not refer to a real concert open to the public, but to disabled live video already filmed and recorded in the city and ready for release as a marketing strategy to “push” the new “Utopia”.


The legendary echoes of Pink Floyd’s live performances have not died down yet Nick Mason last Monday at the Grand Theater of the excavation that another planetary star would choose a thousand-year-old city lost and then found for one of his concerts or for a video. However, on July 16 and 17 last year, the artist and the film crew, being careful, had already traveled to Pompeii to film some scenes. film “The Great Circus”, which he is also directing with Harmony Korine: You can already see the trailer of the film on YouTube, where you can see some of the iconic excavation sites such as the Amphitheater, the Forum, the House of Venus in the Shell and others. In the coming days, we will see if one of his live performances will be in the coming months.. Travis Scott at the century Jacques Bermont Webster II, also known as La Flame or Cactus Jack, was born in Houston, Texas in 1991, has sold over 45 million copies of singles and albums in the United States of America alone, has nearly 17 million YouTube subscribers and over 50 million subscribers on Instagram. . How the producer worked with M.Adonna, Rihanna, Big Sean and Migos.


Eight-time Grammy nominee, winner of one Latin Grammy award. He has also collaborated with S-caliber artists.Tevy Wonder, John Legend Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Alicia Keys, Ozzy Osbourne… The new album “Utopia”, his fourth, which comes out five years after “Astroworld”, contains nineteen tracks and 18 collaborations: Drake, Future, SZA, Bad . Bunny and The Weeknd, BeyoncĂ©, Rob49, Playboi Carti, Kid Cudi, Sheck Wes, Bon Aver, Sampha, Young Thug, 21 Savage, Westside Gunn, James Blake, Teezo Touchdown and Yung Lean. Meanwhile, Travis Scott will make his film debut at the next Venice Film Festival with Aggro Dr1ft, also directed by Harmony Korine.

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