“Travis Scott Live Sucks”

Psalm: “Travis Scott Live Sucks”

After all, someone had to say it… Salmo criticized Travis Scott’s live performances and those who have been praising his performances in recent weeks.

Live, Travis Scott has crazy stage charm, he fills the stage, moves in harmony with the scenery, engages the audience, but objectively he belongs to the category of artists who have a song playing live.
The very category that is often and willingly criticized, but if Travis Scott does it, then he is still a myth, because after all, Travis Scott is not just an artist, he is a symbol, a brand, one of those who can afford to do what what he wants, because his presence is more than enough.

Salmo is right when he says, “If you go on stage, sing,” and perhaps we live in a period of history where even in rap, the fact of a rock concert has become optional. However, there was a time when if you went on stage and didn’t rock, you would be booed, insulted, and maybe even a few tomatoes. Today it seems almost a mirage, but it cannot be a mirage either for artists or for the public. Knowing how to perform live should be the foundation for anyone who calls themselves an artist, and the live dimension should always be a fundamental part of being a singer by profession.

Since we are talking about singers, not influencers or puppets holding a microphone, and on stage you must give your best, let your audience experience a unique experience, not the song below where you shout 4 words into the microphone and jump like a dick .

And we, the audience, should not be accustomed to this type of performance, we should demand maximum and above all respect for the devotion and support we give to the artists we are fans of. Because, after all, it’s easy to rock in the studio, but it’s completely different live.

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