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Travis Scott on the side of Kanye West banned concerts at Circus Maximus

Travis Scott’s “Earthquake” concert at Circus Maximus sparked discussion from multiple perspectives, including the presence of Kanye West.

Travis Scott

brought Utopia into Circus Maximus
in Rome, in front of the public, about 60 thousand people exploded. Indeed a double case. On the one hand, all those who were surprised to see the rapper nearby Kanye West, especially after a terrible divorce from Kim Kardashian, who is none other than the sister of his children’s mother Kylie Jenner. On the other hand, Travis literally blew everyone present, causing a shockwave that infuriated the director of the Colosseum, ready to no longer set aside the space as art space for monument protection.

Travis Scott, new kick for the Kardashians

Some loves form a huge crown and then come back, so we could talk about relationships between Travis Scott AND Kylie Jenner. One of the world’s most famous influencers, and ultra-millionaire beauty entrepreneur, recently revealed through close friends that she had finally ended her relationship with the rapper after yet another infidelity, some of which came to light with all the consequences of the case hard to fit in the media. Travis and Kylie are reportedly focused on co-parenting for the sake of their two children, but nothing more.

Of course, Jenner didn’t expect her ex to embarrass her again by publicly taking sides. Kanye West after a difficult divorce from Kim Kardashian, inviting him as guest star on the stage of the Circus Maximuswhere he held his maxi concert in Rome. The real disappointment Kardashian which of the two ex-brothers-in-law, especially when Travis pointed out that his new explicit album “Utopia” It wouldn’t be without Kanye. While the Kardashians must not have taken well to this union, the public literally exploded at the sight of the famous American rapper, and everyone’s excitement led to unexpected consequences.

Travis Scott cancels Circus Maximus gigs?

Concert Travis Scott in Rome literally shook Circus Maximus because of the large number of people swaying and running to the beat of his wild rap. when then Kanye West he appeared on stage the party exploded, but there are also those who did not like that a historical and archaeological site, such as a Roman one, was put at risk due to a simple concert. Alfonsina Roussom, director of the Colosseum archaeological park, told AdnKronos that she does not support organizing such events in the center of the capital and that she will vote against the new proposals.

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A clear stance taken by Russ, who says that she was immediately skeptical of Scott’s concert due to the high attendance and that she gave clear instructions to ensure everything was up to par. Instructions are punctually ignored. However, there are those who find the director’s commentary not relevant to the needs of twenty-year-olds and events useful for the capital, for example, Alessandro Honorato, adviser on major events of the Gualtieri junta. In short, it will be Travis Scott. last concert at the Circus Maximus?

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