Travis Scott Pays Tribute to Star Wars in Utopia ⋆ Star Wars Addicted

Travis Scott he’s a big Star Wars fan. 5 years later from a loved one Astroworldthe Houston rapper finally posted on July 28, Utopiaan album with an innovative sound and numerous productions. Among the already most popular tracks are Meltdownwho winks at the George Lucas movie saga.

Product in collaboration with Drake, contains a very specific pattern that only fans of the Galaxy Distant can recognize. At 1:48 and 2:09 we hear the typical sound of lasers. Imperial TIE Fighters.

We publish an excerpt below:

Producers BNYX, Boi-1da, COLEMAN, Tay dB Keith and Vinylz only underscore the theme of revenge that pervades the song’s lyrics.

Drake and Travis Scott show all their personal grudges on Pusha T AND Pharrell Williamsthe first is Timothy Chalametthe second is for heart matters related to Kylie Jenner’s ex-wife.

Just as TIEs can unleash devastating laser beams, so Drake freed his rivals, hence the title of the track. In the verse, he berates Farrell, the successor the rapper doesn’t notice very well, Virgil Abloh as creative director of Louis Vuitton and Pusha T, attending the presentation of his first collection in Paris.

Travis, on the other hand, seems to be picking on Timothée Chalamet over an alleged relationship with his old partner. In the passage he mentions Willy Wonkacharacter played by Chalamet in the upcoming film adaptation “chocolate Factory“.

Revenge, at least in words, is a typical theme of the rap genre and unites it with the Sith ruling the Empire, of which the TIE fighters are a typical and iconic representative. Whether it’s love jealousy or simple rivalry, the dark side once again takes root in the darkest feelings of a person, which in this case gives rise to a powerful piece highly appreciated by fans of the genre.

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