Travis Scott set the Great Circus on fire

Travis Scott sets fire to the Circus Maximus in Rome, where his fans come from all over Italy and Europe for his unique performance. circus maximus, a surreal and psychedelic journey through the heart of Rome, in fact, the Circus Maximus.

Travis Scott makes Rome’s heart beat faster

Written and directed by the artist himself, it brings together visionary directors (Gaspar Noe, Valdimar Johansson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korin, Khalil Joseph) from all over the world. Discovery of the kaleidoscopic human experience and the power of sound. The visual journey is accompanied by enveloping songs from the new album “Utopia”.

Disc expected as a single “K-pop” with billions of hitmakers bad rabbit AND Weekend. The song climbs the Italian Airplay radio chart. Although it has already reached the top 3 of Spotify’s world rankings and the top 15 of the Italian rankings.

Many souls of an artist

Travis Scott is a leader in music as well as in fashion, culture and more. Award-winning artist, designer, style icon, actor, producer and record label founder. Cactus Jacques. He changed the course of hip hop with a series of groundbreaking albums and moves that sparked controversy.

Travis launched Cactus Jack Foundation as a non-profit organization 501(c)(3). With the mission of supporting the youth of Houston through philanthropic initiatives such as toy donations. HBCU undergraduate scholarship programs and funding for educational and creative projects.

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