Travis Scott shows off the mansion Michael Jordan hid in ‘the Last Dance’

Kylie Jenner’s ex took us to see the corners of the luxurious mansion that Michael Jordan did not want to show in his famous documentary

The rapper Travis Scott, 29, and who was a partner of Kylie Jenner, released a few hours ago the music video ‘Franchise’, which draws attention for having been recorded inside the emblematic mansion that Michael Jordan did not want to show in the documentary ‘The Last Dance’ and which is located in Chicago, Illinois.

Through his video, in which he collaborates with Young & MIA, the interpreter took us on a tour of some of the most spectacular corners of the former Chicago Bulls player’s home, which stands out for having a monumental number ’23’ on the gate access.

Travis also took us to see the basketball court that Jordan had built and that has his image in the center, as well as the names of Jacques, Jasmine, Jeffrey, and Marcus, four of his children.

The material also includes the pool, the games room, and the green where Jordan used to play golf, his other favorite sport.

So far, ‘Franchise’ has 1.4 million views on YouTube.

The property in question has been on the market for more than eight years, but so far the former Dream Team player has not found anyone interested in acquiring it, despite his desperate attempts to sell it, since he has already put it up for auction.

According to reports from different media, the residence, located in Highland Park, has an area of 56 thousand square feet and is equipped with nine bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms, four half bathrooms,

He originally planned to sell it for $ 29 million, but the lack of interested parties caused him to considerably lower his financial claims and now it is valued at only $ 14.9 million.

Why didn’t MJ want to record ‘The Last Dance’ at his famous mansion?

The documentary ‘The Last Dance’ was a Netflix success, as it chronicles the life of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, a team with which he won everything he set out to do.

The project stands out for collecting several current testimonies from players of the time, including those of Jordan, who asked the production to find a location for his interviews, as he was not willing to show the interiors of the house he lived in while playing in Chicago

“I just didn’t want people to see all of that. I respected him, so I never pressured him. There are certain aspects of his life that he wants to keep private, “said producer Jason Hehir , who then went on to search for Jordan’s ‘no home’.

“I looked for places where it seemed like Michael could live. He knew what his real home was like and he knew he was a rich guy who had certain tastes, so we wanted something to match that, ”the producer shared.