Travis Scott took the stage Drake: “Things you’ll never see again”: video

Out 21 Savage by Travis Scott. It happened on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada, during two stops on Drake’s tour. This is the first time they have performed together since the tragedy of Astroworld.

Scott unexpectedly replaced It’s All a Blur Tour co-star 21 Savage, who was unable to attend the Canadian leg of the tour due to visa issues. Scott had been spotted in British Columbia the previous day, so there were rumors that he could fill in for 21 Savage when J Cole takes the stage in Toronto.

“Listen, I have bad news,” Drake said Tuesday, introducing his friend, “21 Savage was unable to enter Canada and I apologize from the bottom of my heart. But lucky for you Vancouver, lucky for you, there’s a brother here who loves you almost as much as I do, and he came all the way here for you tonight. And that will be the only time you see him on this tour, so you’d better make some noise.”

Scott came on stage from the podium and did it with Drake. collapse AND sick mode.

During the show, which also featured Lil Yahti, Drake gave a fan expensive Hermès Birkin shoes, who was rewarded for singing along. The rapper asked security to accompany her to the end of the concert so that she would not be robbed.

It wasn’t actually “the only time you’ll see him on this tour”. In Vancouver, Scott also appeared on Wednesday, August 30th. Yesterday’s concert was originally scheduled for Monday the 28th but was rescheduled for two days at the last minute. The announcement of Rogers Arena sounded just a couple of hours before the start of the show, which clearly caused bewilderment and discontent among many who were already there. Cause: “Problems with a recently installed video monitor.”

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