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Between the official announcement of a live show at the Circus Maximus in Rome and rumors of a (probable) other Italian show in Pompeii, July 28 last year. Travis Scott (finally) published Utopia, his latest work. The Texan Huntsman’s repertoire is becoming ever more extensive, and for this reason we decided to dive into his discography and choose those that for us, among the “hits” and hidden gems, are his most iconic works.

2020, from “Tenet: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack”

First signed track Travis Scott for the soundtrack. A hypnotic and growing mood for a song about which the director of the film in question, Christopher Nolanhe defined asthe last piece of the year-long puzzle“.

10. No strangers
2018, from Astromir

Not the most famous of those contained in Astromir, but one of the most poignant. In this passage, the old man Travis additional entries help Shek West and late juice world. Among other things, it plays the sounds of “Tear da Club Up” by the band Three 6 Mafia. Evergreen during live performances by the Houston hunter.

9 Antidote
2015, from “Rodeo”

Great classic discography Traviscottian, as well as the second excerpt from that timeless masterpiece that is Rodeo. It is worth noting the mention in the samples of “All I Need” authorship Lee Fields and Expressions.

8. Tallest in the room
2019, from JackBoys

Manufactured by (among others) Mike Dean (one of Utopia’s superstar producers), “Highest In The Room” also boasts a remix (featuring Rosalia and from Lil Baby) is contained in JackBoys, a collaborative EP of sorts released in 2019. In this work – even slightly underestimated by its own fans – Travis Scott it really is the “highest” number in the trap scene. Little to say.

2015, from “Rodeo”

Other singles contained in “Rodeo”, “90210” (feat. Casey Hill) – one of those songs in which the imprint of a mentor is strongly felt Kanye West. At least for the “Family Business” sample. Among the best ever Scottverses of the second part of the track.

6. Stop trying to be God
2018, from Astromir

What about a song that features a dream team made up of top mainstream artists like Baby Cudie, James Blake, Philip Bailey AND Stevie Wonder? Unapproachable. Also noteworthy is the video Gotta Meyers.

5 Escape Plan
2021, from Escape Plan/Mafia

If you will, this is an unusual return that will forever be associated with the tragedy of the Astroworld Festival. On the other hand, however, we are dealing with one of the most exciting productions of the last five years. Scottspiced up with a deadly flow and a couple of verses about the life of a superstar that leave very little to the imagination.

4. Sick Mode
2018, from Astromir

Probably the most iconic song of the Texas artist. “Sicko Mode” really made everyone agree. From music critics to fans of the first hour… LeBron James! (which he performed on stage with Scott during a performance of this piece at the Crypto Arena in Los Angeles). Show with tutorial Drakeas well as sampling “Gimme The Loot” by The infamous BIG.

3. Can’t tell
2018, from Astromir

A faithful homage to the Houston hip-hop scene that permeates “Astroworld” Travis Scott releases a song in which one of the strengths is represented precisely by the interlude, extrapolated from “25 Lighters” Fat Patsince 1998. However, dulcis in fundo is represented by the image Don Toliver. His intro in the middle of the song is excellent.

2. 3500
2015, from “Rodeo”

Try to compose a song yourself seven minutes and forty one seconds and not be redundant. Thanks to this genius Metro Boomin, Certainly. But also and above all the presence of two other accomplices in the crime, namely futures AND 2 chains, the two patron deities of the stage. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful (hidden) gems in the Texan’s discography.

1. Goosebumps
2016, from Birds in a Mousetrap Sing McKnight

Ladies and gentlemen, the final entrance – and with the red carpet – of the old man. Travis in the world music sky. It seems almost superfluous to emphasize the greatness of the role of the master. Kendrick Lamar, as well as the number of consecutive weeks that Goosebumps dominated the charts. Before the “utopia” was still far away, and the reality was already epic.

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