Travis Scott. “Utopia” reaches number one on the Italian album chart – News

Strategically expected single “algorithm catcher” K-pop with superstars Bad Bunny and The Weeknd, Utopia From Travis Scott it is a success all over the world and also in Italy.

If the disc debuted at number one in Global Top Debut Albums Chartamassing a total of over 128 million streams on Spotify in just 24 hours, thus becoming the artist’s best debut to date (and the fifth best debut ever on the platform), and in Italy it is number one on the album chart compiled by FIMI.

Undermined Tedua what’s up with The Divine Comedy, after a few weeks at the top, drops to second place. Driller, Geolier, Lazza, Blanco, Mengoni and Nuclear Tactical Penguins remain roughly still. As Post Malone became the only major entry on the charts with his guitar album, Austin. And given that Blur fell from 7th position to 29th Ballad of Darren.

The success of Travis Scott has been announced and in our area it is combined with this event on Big Circus Rome on August 7, for which the pre-sale is finally available (on Ticketone the price is 46 euros). Big Circus it is also an album track with The Weeknd and Swae Lee and a documentary film written and directed by the artist himself, featuring some cult directors (Gaspar Noe, Valdimar Johannsson, Nicolas Winding Refn, Harmony Korine, Khalil Joseph).

From Utopia we wrote on these pages in a review describing it as the perfect product for streaming platform algorithms, a safe hip-hop blockbuster born to be. The test is certainly not without defects, starting with the most macroscopic ones.

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