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The wait is finally over! After Astraword, For Travis Scott fans who’ve been itching for a new album for years, it’s out now. Utopia. And this, of course, did not disappoint expectations. In fact, the album opens up like a portal to a new and exciting world, with intricate beats and introspective lyrics that show an evolving Travis Scott. His ability to blend hip-hop, trap and pop melodies gives life to a unique atmosphere that transports the listener to an unknown sonic dimension. In August in Rome he gave a live performance at the Circus Maximus that sent seismic detectors crazy. Between mosh pits and a wall of speakers, with irritating sound and decibels, the whole capital and beyond listened to him that evening. In any case, Travis Scott managed to involve the audience in a whirlwind of emotions, creating a unique synergy between the stage and the audience. Strobes, deafening sound and enthusiastic fans created a surreal atmosphere where time seemed to stand still. And do we then want to explain to the neighborhood committees who complained about the noise that years later Kanye West appeared on the concert stage in addition to Travis? Just crazy, and for once Rome wasn’t a city of complaining old men. Utopia it’s Travis Scott’s long-awaited return, reigniting the flames of his unstoppable talent.

Riccardo Davoli


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