Trendy cushion sandals 2023: comfortable models for summer walks

The cushioned sandals, the soft shoes that will be with us through the summer of 2023

Wearing these sandals means experiencing absolute comfort. Indeed, cushion sandals deliver on the promise written in the name: a cushion-soft design—the term derives from the English cushion sandal—to refer to the most comfortable style of the season. The models are completely made of rubber-like material, have a thick sole and a sporty design. The downfall of chunky shoes into the sandal variant, which has become one of the most viral trends on TikTok.

Searching for “cushion slides” or “cushion sandals”, in fact, you can find a flood of videos online that list all the advantages of these shoes, from “the most comfortable you’ve ever worn”, to the general opinion of many users. According .

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Perfect for both beach and city wear, with color combinations that aren’t afraid to dare, cushion sandals are a must-have this season, adored by fashion junkies but also by those who are style-conscious. Prefer comfort without neglect. It is not difficult to pull off different street style looks with the final pop touch given by cushion sandals. The most recurring models are in neutral colors, such as beige or camel, cargo skirts, mini denim dresses and why not even a poplin outfit or a coordinated linen set made of shorts and a shirt.

Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images
Jeremy Moeller/Getty Images

Origin of cushion sandals, or cushion slides

Today Pillow Slides have their own registered website, but we have to go back a few years to find the most viral original versions of these sandals. In late 2021, the Yeezy Slide Pure, a front-opening rubber sandal resulting from a collaboration between Adidas and Kanye West, became a must-have thanks to VIPs of the caliber of Kim Kardashian, Billie Eilish and Chiara Ferragni. A slightly different version from Yeezy Slide Bone the following year, in off-white and ocher tones. Kendall Jenner was one of the many celebs rocking the EVA rubber cushion slides — she wore them with yoga leggings, paired with white socks.


Material of foam rubber, full comfort

Foam rubber, a soft material that absorbs shock, is one of the secrets that makes these shoes the most comfortable for summer. According to TikTok, cushioned sandals will be most popular in 2023, featuring distinctive non-slip platforms with Birkenstock-style double buckles. But it has many other forms as well. Loewe, for example, focuses on a unique flip-flop model with a bouquet in the center bearing the Spanish company’s monogram. These shoes are the stylistic code of its creative director JW Anderson, who likes to bring clothes and accessories to the catwalk inflated, While their bright colors, from purple to pastel green, make them a must-see in your holiday suitcase.

Gucci’s cushioned sandal doesn’t release the iconic clamp at the instep (in the same color) and Velcro closure at the heel. Ugg, on the other hand, offers sandals with a camouflage motif, also attached to the heel with a logo strap. The most essential, single-strap models can be found at Balenciaga and from brands like Oysho, Zara, Mango in shades ranging from pink to forest green to lemon yellow.

A selection of cushion sandals to invest in now

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