Trendy mesh ballet flats 2023: online models and outfits to wear them in summer

Mesh ballerinas, or rather flats that surprise with their simplicity in the summer of 2023

A fashion editor’s eye is always well-versed in emerging trends and there’s something amazingly fun when they explode on the market, as you see them in the store and then on people walking by wearing them while you walk by. Let’s guess. trends (and seasons or years have passed!). Such is the case with mesh ballet flats. If – once again – Bottega Veneta reintroduces the use of mesh in shoes with its stretch décolleté, it is only with The Row that it is considered a flat shoe. Mesh detailing is in fact another fall of the non-shoe trend, ie a fashion that invites the bare foot: the idea of ​​a barely-existent shoe is in fact the obsession of many stylists who, through this material or PVC, Manage to combine the desire to show a part of the body while protecting it.

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jennifer lawrence wears black mesh flats

Mesh ballerinas are truly the winning formula that’s populating the summer of 2023, now worn by Jennifer Lawrence. The model is especially appreciated by people with a minimalist but eclectic style, so be attentive to the pieces of research: among them is also a famous actress – who – as soon as possible – wants to live comfortably without giving up coolness. And the mesh flats here are the easy yet sophisticated touch to her minimal look, teamed with baggy jeans and a sling bag.

Roe’s Mesh Flat

Rowe’s first mesh flats were seen in 2019 — the sock model gets its name because of their undeniable resemblance to socks. They’re light, flexible, and – above all – breathable, since they’re made of mesh that lets air pass through (let’s face it: they’re perfect for those with sweaty feet because they’re so refreshing !).

Anmol version of Khaite

Khaite’s mesh flats are coming for Spring Summer 2023: we can consider them the deluxe version, thanks to the crystals illuminating the dense mesh or the hand-embroidery directly on the nude mesh. These models are perfect for evening, leather ballet flats or a lighter version of classic moccasins.

Alaya Dancers, Fashionistas’ Obsession

We’ve seen Alaia flats everywhere: In this case the mesh is loosely woven and lets you see bare feet. The design is inspired by traditional Japanese shoes, but featuring a rubber sole and a Mary Jane-style strap, they’re made in Italy. Mesh flats are a variant of the model, also available in leather with laser holes or crystals, there are many variations on the theme to satisfy the most demanding fashionistas. At the moment they are sold out but we expect a new assortment…!

Mesh Ballet Flats To Buy Online

Mango offers a pricier version: a black mesh completely covered with white crystals, a solution that reaches out to the world of khaite but with a wider neckline to slim down the leg. If you’re looking for the minimalist version – so made only in black mesh – we recommend Arcite: they’ll be back on the site soon (and they cost 139 euros).

Cecil Bahnsen went with a nude effect, opting for a pink mesh: The model has a flat leather sole, while the elastic band allows it to conform to the foot without forcing it.

Cecily Bunsen

Cecily Bunsen

Vegan brand Piferi has opted for a technical mesh with a sophisticated strap on the contrasting instep: the flats are tapered and have a small reinforcement at the toe.

Finally, Bottega Veneta’s version of Stretch’s “Mesh Ballet Flats,” here adorned with a golden anklet.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta

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