Trial of journalist Israel Vazquez murderer delayed as defense changes

Guanajuato, Guanajuato.- Oral hearings began on August 14 last year Jose Luis “N” For his involvement as the alleged perpetrator in the murder of a media journalist ‘Salmantino‘, Israel Vazquez RangelThe hearing was presided over by a federal judge. On the first and second day of the day, the Prosecutor’s Office called 11 witnesses, one of whom, whose identity was kept secret, had to be removed from the courtroom because of the relevance of his testimony. He stated in front of all those present that he was terrified of the organization that Jose Luis “N” belonged to on the day of the incident.

On August 15, the participation of experts in the investigation was interrupted. Attorney General of Guanajuato Because Jose Luis “N” indicated that he had a pronounced stomach upset, the situation led to the oral trial judge granting a three-day suspension based on a document issued by a doctor affiliated with the National Center for Prevention and Social Reintegration. Mr Salamanca informed the judge in writing and an official document that Jose Luis “N” had gastroenteritis without a lesion and was prescribed three medications which must have been given by the perpetrator of the Salamanca murders personally provided by the staff of the detention center where it is held. reporter. These drugs are not related to the diagnosis given by the doctor (also a local civil servant).

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On Monday, August 21 at 9:30 sharp, the trial continued. Nevertheless, again at the request of the defense of Jose Luis “N”, a three-hour adjournment had to be announced because the lawyers in charge of representing the accused did not bring a copy of the investigative folder, which they argued did not exist in it. Witnesses are relieved of their positions to testify in court.

After the adjournment, the defendant’s defense did not appear and, surprisingly, the judge ordered another adjournment until 3pm, when the last named defense did appear. However, the defendants are demanding that these private defenders be disqualified, a situation that represents a new delay as the judge appoints another public defender who will take some time to hear the case, so the story of justice for Israel and her family continues put off. The hearing will continue next Thursday at 9am. in front.

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