Trick-or-Treat 2023: Everything Harry Potter fans need to know about Halloween events

Find out when and where to attend the Harry Potter-inspired Trick-or-Treat Festival Photo: FB/Lotto Productions

this Potter fans Muggles must attend attentively Trick or treat festival This will be held in the historic center of Mexico City and will be inspiring harry potterwith different activities to make you feel like you’re at Hogwarts.

Lotto Productions Followers of the famous magician are invited to prepare their cloaks, wands and their best spells so as not to miss this incredible adventure, which will feature different activities to make your day magical

You can prepare your best costume, whether it’s your favorite character, your favorite house, or you can even get weird and become a death eatersall in order to be able to participate in a costume contest, in which different prizes will be offered to the best participants.

The market will also offer different souvenirs, food, drinks, sweets, collectibles and more, all to make you feel like you’re in Diagon Alley. Likewise, if you and your partner are both Potter fans, you can buy a pass together and get married in magical fashion, complete with rings and certificates, although it’s important to clarify that this won’t be official.

The fifth edition of the festival will feature various events, including a costume contest. Photo: FB/Lotto Productions

The fifth edition of the festival lives up to its name with the classic trick-or-treating event, where participants will be able to go to various areas of the venue to ask for candy and try to be the one who wants it. Collect the maximum amount.

The venue for the Trick or Treat Festival will be the Franciscan House located on Calle Jesús María #42 in the historic centre. CDMX, in the Cuatémoc mayor’s office a few blocks from the National Palace. The site also features other themed restaurants such as: El Extraño Coffee Bar, inspired by Jack’s Strange World; The Wonders of Alice in Wonderland; La Extraña Pizza, a collaboration between Beetlejuice and Oaxaqueñisimo, a restaurant focused on Oaxaca cuisine .

According to Lotto Producciones and Happy Ever, the fifth volume of the campaign will be launched next. Saturday, November 4th and Sunday, November 5th 12:00 noon to 6:00 pm

There are three types of tickets to attend the Trick or Treat Festival, two of which are individual tickets and one is a pageant ticket, which come with different benefits and, depending on the ticket you choose, for the two days the event lasts Provide unique services on a given day.

Sweet Festival or Magic Festival will be divided into three types. Photo: FB/Lotto Productions
  • General access (individual): With this ticket you will have access to all areas of the festival, plus you will receive a bracelet that allows you to enter and exit as many times as you wish. The cost is 95 pesos, including service charge.
  • Golden Magician (Individual): You will be able to enter all areas of the event, and in addition to receiving commemorative T-shirts, platform tickets and buttons, you will also receive a bracelet that allows you to enter and exit multiple times. Access fee is 448 pesos including service charge.
  • Magical Wedding (2 people). With this access, you can magically marry your partner, receiving two rings, a commemorative certificate, and a FastPass bracelet, although the wedding won’t be formal. The price is 336 pesos including service charge.

With each of them you can enjoy the music and live events prepared by Lotto Producciones and, above all, experience a magical afternoon in this season. halloween.

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