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Tristan Thompson threatens Lamar Odom after a pirouette to Khloé Kardashian

Regardless of whether or not it is true that Tristan Thompson and Khloé Kardashian (37) they have separated again as a result of a new infidelity committed by the NBA player, the truth is that the first behaves in public as if absolutely nothing happened and that does not mean, as has been demonstrated now on Instagram, that he has chosen to stay away from any kind of controversy.

In fact, the now-power forward Boston Celtics hasn’t hesitated to threatening, without too much subtlety, the ex-husband of his partner, Lamar Odom, after he threw a pyropod to the ‘Klan’ on account of his latest photo of the social network of the camera. A single word, ‘hottie’, posted by the former Lakers player in the comments section of the image has managed to anger Tristan, who considers it a total lack of respect not so much the term used, which could be translated as “You’re cannon”, but the fact that he flirts openly with his girlfriend and mother of his daughter True Thompson (3) in full view of all users.

“God brought you back the first time. Play if you want, but you could have different results., Tristan Thompson has told the retired athlete, which is a stark reference to the overdose that nearly cost Lamar his life in 2015. The basketball player, who has an extensive history of alcohol and drug excesses, lost consciousness during his stay in a Las Vegas brothel and suffered kidney failure before entering a comatose state. Only a quick intervention by the staff of the premises and the ambulance allowed him to survive such a setback.

Precisely that reference to Lamar’s traumas and past addictions has led many users to harshly criticize Tristan Thompson for his insensitivity and lack of empathy, something even more outrageous if possible in the event that Khloé has really returned to singleness and Lamar simply, and in his own way,  is trying to win back the businesswoman. “He hasn’t wanted to disrespect anyone. Lamar is trying to get Khloé’s attention because he loves her and dreams of having her by his side again, especially now that he’s supposed to be free again.”, a source close to Lamar told news portal TMZ.

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