Triuggio: The singer will walk the red carpet in Venice

Success after success for artist Vanessa Meaney, back from Los Angeles where she won the InterContinental Music Awards.

He will walk the red carpet among Hollywood stars. One success after another for the singer from Triugio. Vanessa Minireturning from Los Angeles, where she won the InterContinental Music Awards.

He walks the red carpet

In August, the artist took part in the final climb to the roof of Europe in Los Angeles. In addition to entries and artists from all over the world, the competition also boasts a panel of judges made up of music professionals who have written important works for world-famous artists such as Selena Gomez, Celine Dion AND Ricky Martin. On August 27, at the awards ceremony, Mini received an award for the song “Peace”, which led her to the final in the Europop category. Lyrics used in the song Mother Teresa of Calcutta during a private meeting of the artist in Yugoslavia. A hymn to peace and love, calling for an end to wars, addressed to heads of state from around the world.

“Success,” explains Vanessa Mini, “is achieved not only through the voice, but above all from being on stage.”

In fact, the singer turns her performances into real shows, with spectacular dancers and choreography.

At the Venice Film Festival

But that’s not all. On Wednesday, September 6, the artist will take part as the protagonist of the official red carpet of the Venice Film Festival 2023. It will parade alongside American actors, singers and other emerging artists from around the world.

“It’s a dream come true, but now we need to raise the bar,” he comments.

It all started with one meeting, which took place in 1999. “You must sing” – these are the words that Cher he turned to Mini backstage at Ariston, where during a break in work the artist hummed a tune. Hence the decisive push and the beginning of the career of a swing singer. Vanessa starts working as an interpreter for various television programs, getting to know characters such as Aaron Smith on the occasion of the rock festival in Monza e Letitia Casta at the 1999 Sanremo Rock Festival where it all started.

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