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True, the daughter of Khloe Kardashian, believes that Psalm and Dream are her brothers | News

If the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have done something well, it has been to transmit to their children the affection and complicity that has always characterized them. The new generation of this famous family has shown how close it is, whether on trips, parties or simply on game afternoons. However, for True thompson, daughter of Khloé, the relationship with his cousins ​​goes beyond everything, since he considers them as brothers, at least in the case of Psalm and Dream, son of Kim and Rob kardashian, respectively. This was recently revealed by Koko, who admitted to being touched by this adorable confusion of her baby. “Is incredible. I just pray it never stops. They all think they are, something like, strangely brothers and sisters. “said the businesswoman in an interview for AND! News. “I think, as True thinks, we call Psalm ‘baby Psalm,’ so he always says, ‘My brother!’ And I just don’t correct it because I think it’s very cute. “Khloé confessed. Although True is barely three years old, she has already shown clear signs of her personality, and her mother has identified some traits that differentiate her from her cousins, with whom she has been very young. “She is also very careful, so I see her really shy and careful, while her cousins ​​are not afraid, I am proud of her for being a careful girl.”, commented Koko. “She is very sweet and she is a very empathetic girl. You don’t like other people crying. He’s very sensitive to those things, ”he added. Last year, Khloé confessed on the podcast The Travis Stork Show that she has to remind herself not to compare her daughter and her nephews. “True has two premiums that are only three months apart, the three are three months apart. And sometimes I see them and I think: ‘But Chicago did this or Stormi did that’… Then I say, we are all different children and of different ages, and we learn differently. So I think I have to understand that too, I have to remind myself of that, ”he admitted.

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