Trump Does Not Deny, To Develop Google, The Site Test For Corona Virus


Google the President of the United States of America (USA) Donald Trump on website development, Test denied – (screening) corona-virus. The tech giant to create the web pages was not checking information in relation to pandemic-corona, to.

The Website will be launched Monday evening and can be accessed by the entire community in the US. In a upload on the official blog Google’s chief Sundar Pichai explained that the Website with educational material and practices to prevent transmission of the virus corona covid-19.

However, Trump and his Deputy, Mike Pence said that a subsidiary of the alphabet, the development of a Website, the the US will conduct the test population, its health at a nearby location. It was delivered at the end of the last week.

Pichai explained, a web site developed in the company much easier than that delivered by Trump and Pence. “It contains a link to the Website of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as tips and a helpful tool from Google for private individuals, teachers and companies,” said Pichai, via Google blog quoted from CNN InternationalMonday (16/3).

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However, Trump slammed the reports that Google as a fake news or a hoaks. However, Google refused to comment, and messages of a conversation between the President and the CEO of the company.

In addition to the post-announcement Trump, and Pence, in connection with the Website, a subsidiary Alphabet, the left is Truly a comment. Similar companies Google recognizes the in the middle of the development of a website that allows the user to include the symptoms of the disease, and will forward it to the on-site examinations, if necessary.

However, if a site with the name of the project-Baseline, which will be limited to California residents for now and is not yet ready for a national service. This site is different, developed by Google, even though both were at the bottom of the alphabet.

Post-announcement, Trump and Pence, as, Indeed, also said it will quickly improve the service of your site, in order to serve the population outside of California.

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In addition to Trump, Pence, in fact, give the notice in relation to this Website at the end of the last week. He said that the Google site will allow hundreds of thousands of tests in relation to the corona virus.

“On Sunday evening, we will be able to provide specific advice, if the website is not available, you can visit the website, as the President said, give your symptoms, and recommendations, if a test is appropriate or not,” said Pence at the end of last week, referring site, developed by Google.

On the same site, the user is redirected to provide to a company, the location for the examination of the corona-virus. “The test can be carried out with drive-by“said Pence.

See the explanation of the Pence, the site in question, the more in line that developed by Truly Google. Indeed, the page was launched for California residents Monday evening.

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom told reporters, a web site, it is expected that the results of the test within two to three days. (Read: Trump the Negative Corona, the United States Travel Bans Uk & Ireland)added

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