Trump opens TikTok competitor account at Triller


The President of the United States, Donald Trump, inaugurated his official profile on the social network Triller. Still unknown to a large part of the public, the service is a platform for posting short videos, expressing creativity, and with high use of filters and background music – that is, a direct competitor of TikTok.

Trump’s profile, for now, has only one video, published last Friday (14). The clip is directly related to the Republican’s re-election campaign and includes audios from the politician and businessman saying that he is “a professional in technology” and that “no one can do this like me”.

The post has already accumulated over 6 million views on Triller. The app has already partnered with several record companies and streaming platforms, in addition to verified accounts of celebrities like Chance the Rapper and Charli D’Amelio, considered the biggest influencer of TikTok.

Trump’s publication is not only seen as another act of the election campaign. After all, he is promoting a direct competitor to a platform that has been officially banned by the United States government. Chinese developer ByteDance has a few weeks to negotiate local or global operations for the service not to be banned in the country. Microsoft is most interested in acquiring.

In addition to the Triller, there is another short video service that could gain ground in the political crisis: Byte, launched by developers who worked on Vine, the pioneering app for posting in this format that was discontinued in 2017.