Trump promises federal help to strengthen the evidence of covid-19, while several states fine-tune their plans of re-opening | Univision network News Health


▶️ USA is close to one million cases confirmed coronavirus. The total number of cases worldwide exceeds 3,000,000.

▶️ The president Trump announced a plan to increase federal aid to the states, with the aim of doubling the number of testsafter having insisted for weeks that the ability of tests of the country was “fully sufficient to begin to open the country.”

▶️ The governor of the state of Texas announced that it will not extend the measure of ‘stay at home’ that expires on Thursday night. Five other states have announced partial plans of reopening for this week: Alabama, Idaho, Iowa, Ohio, and Oregon.

▶️ The state of New York relax from may 15, the restrictions in some parts of the state.

▶️ The president Trump said he is not responsible for the recent increase in the number of people intoxicated with disinfectants after that he suggested last week that consideration be given to an injection of cleaning products as a treatment for the covid-19.

▶️ The secretary of Justice, William Barr, instructed the attorney general to review the legality of the restrictions imposed by the states during the crisis of the pandemic.

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