Trump, should you choose to Kim Kardashian West, as its advisor for the pardons, presidential


A note from the editor: Paul Callan is an analyst in the legal, CNN, exfiscal of murders in New York city and was a lawyer in the studio with new york-based Edelman & Edelman PC, focuses on cases of unfair sentencing, and civil rights. Follow us on Twitter at @paulcallan. The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are the author’s own.

(CNN) – With the tax the final of the pardons president of the United States, is Rosalind Sargent-Burns, but after a flurry of pardons, presidential, famous, there is no reason to ask you if you would give this role to, Geraldo Rivera, or Kim Kardashian-West.

When president Barack Obama issued a pardon, then, for the 78 people in December 2016, with the announcement from the White House, the only mention of these pardons, and sentences have taken, together with details of the crimes committed by the nationals.

But when the president has used his powers to grant clemency to 11 people, the statement of the secretary of the press, it was filled with names, and often the famous, and those who did were granted a presidential pardon.

In the case of the excomisionado of police, Bernie Kerik, the president appears to be relying on the advice of Geraldo Rivera, the Fox News channel, the excomando in the Navy, Eddie (guitar and vocals), the range of which has been restored by the president, after being demoted for posing in a picture with a prisoner of ISIS and the dead, and of counsel to Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and many others. (In the decade of the nineties, Kerik was the driver, and saves it to the back of the Instrument).

This is not a new situation, since it is well known that the president met up with the Kim Kardashian West, prior to grant clemency to Alice Marie Johnson, in the year 2018. In the same year, Sylvester Stallone has given up the idea of granting a pardon to a boxing legend, the late Jack Johnson.

All of these pardons may have been a reason, given the circumstances. Alice Marie Johnson, for example, it was a nice grandmother who has been sentenced to life in prison for his first felony, the charges of drug trafficking and money laundering.

When the campaign for the Trump delivered an advertisement during the Super Bowl championship, lifting him up to the presidential pardon, granted to Johnson on the 3rd of February The Washington Post it was observed that “the advertisement did not mention Kim Kardashian-West, or that all but 5 of the 24 people who have received the mercy of Trump’s had some sort of finish to the White House, or the acceptance of it within his political base, according to a review by the Post.

As long as the government is to take the ideas from celebrities, political allies, and Fox News, and the thousands of other criminals, and that they have followed the rules of the Department of Justice are waiting for them to go over the top, as that is the case, which was taken directly from the Trump took a leap up to the top of the line”.

The Office of the district attorney of the Pardons Presidential elections has been established for more than 125 years ago, to help the president make informed decisions about the granting of pardons. The web site of the office, traces the complex process of the scrutiny, which it is recommended that there be a consideration for a presidential pardon or commutation of the sentence. In the office, it is recommended that, in general, but it is not always what is certain is that there will be an expression of regret for the crime that has been committed.

There are also detailed guidelines concerning the individuals who should be interviewed, on the part of the tax-take away, prior to a recommendation for clemency to be sent to the president. The rules of the Office of Tax Pardons, Presidential recommend extensive consultation with the Department of Justice, the lawyers who litigaron of the case and the judge who issued the order. It is possible that all of this has been done with respect to the release given to Bernie Kerik, but I have my doubts.

Of course, the president, the Trump has consulted with the judicial branch in regard to the pardon Kerik as recommended in the regulations of the Office of Tax Pardons, Presidential. In fact, Trump got in touch with two attorneys, the judge, Andrew Napolitano of Fox News, Ray Redding, exjuez of the Superior Court of the state of New Jersey.

Without a doubt, the presiding judge on Wednesday, was not in the court’s judgment in the case of Bernie Kerik. Judge Reddin also, it could not have been made to the court of Kerik, because it was never a federal judge, and in the case of Kerik, was a case of the federal government. Redding previously, he was a judge of the superior court of the county of Passaic, state of New Jersey, where Bernie Kerik has served as a police officer in the sheriff’s department.

The court’s ruling, in the case of Kerik, was Stephen Robinson, in the southern district of New York. After that, Kerik pleads not guilty to fraud and tax charges for the false statement, the court has issued a sentence, particularly the last four years, stating publicly “, to me, is the fact that it is the lord Kerik (by the attacks of 11-S) for his / her own benefit and growth, represents a dark place in your soul…”

It is also possible that the president knew of the posture that is quite dark from judge Robinson in respect of the character of the lord Kerik, but the statements in the press from the White House to describe the excomisionado of the police force of New York city, as someone who’s “made it to the fortress, the courage, the compassion, and the spirit of the people of New York city during the September 11 attacks.

There is no reference to the fact that he used the tragedy “for their own good,” as you pointed out, the judge is Robinson’s.

Is it possible that Bernie Kerik, and Michael Milken, and some or all of the individuals who received clemency from the Executive branch up to that date, on the part of the president, the Trump, are the ones deserving the mercy of the president. However, the confidence of the public would, too, if the president has made it clear that the election of the celebrities who have received mercy, if done in accordance with the regulations, and a review of the history, as suggested by the bureau of the Census for the Pardons, Presidential.

It is fair and just, taking into account the thousands of applications for clemency, which this order is issued on a yearly basis.

But you will always have the option to assign to Kim Kardashian West. She is, of course, is someone the president can trust.

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