Trump threat to the WHO with “a suspension very powerful” of payments due to disagreements on the covid-19 and accuses her of being “very China-centred”


A few hours before, the president of the united states harshly criticized the agency, accusing it of giving “recommendations defective”, such as keeping the borders open, while the coronavirus is spreading through the world.

The president of the united states, Donald Trump, has announced April 7 that it would suspend your country’s contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO). The president made this statement during a daily briefing at the White House, dedicated to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, a few hours after strongly criticizedthrough Twitter, the WHO, accusing her of being too focused on China and issuing bad advice during the outbreak.

The president has pointed out that the WHO “receives large amounts of money from the united States” and that the agency is funded in the “better part” by Washington.

Despite this, the WHO did not agree with the decision of Trump travel bans in the context of the spread of the coronavirus. “They were wrong in this. They have been wrong in many things“, has denounced the president of the united states

WHO ensures to counteract the coronavirus is not necessary to take any measures to ban travel

Trump has ensured that the WHO had “a lot of information at the beginning” of the outbreak, but “didn’t want to do” anything about it. “They seemed to be very focused on China, and we have to investigate thatso we will investigate”, has advance.

The tenant of the White House has pointed out that the WHO lost time at the beginning of the outbreak and should have taken measures “months before”.

“We will suspend payments to the WHO. We’re going to put a suspension very powerful about them, and we’ll see”, argues Trump. In conclusion, characterized the WHO’s “a great thing when it works”, but assured that “it is not right, when they say that each shot is not given in the white”.

Hours before, the president of the united states wrote on his Twitter account that the WHO is funded in large measure by the united States, for some reason it’s very China-centred”.

“Fortunately, I rejected their advice to keep our borders open to China from the beginning. Why they gave us a recommendation so defective?“asked Trump.

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