Trump threatens to suspend the U.s. contribution to the WHO


Washington.- The president of the united States, Donald Trumpthreatened on Tuesday to suspend the country’s contribution to the World Health Organization (WHO), accusing the agency of mishandling the pandemic coronavirus and an attitude biased towards Beijing.

“We’re going to suspend [el envío] of the money allocated to the WHO,” said Trump during his daily briefing at the White House.

A few minutes later, however, backed down and said that I just wanted to explore this possibility.

“I’m not saying that what I’m going to do, but we will examine this possibility”, he said.

“Everything looks very favourable for China, it is not acceptable,” he said, without more details.

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Earlier, the president Trump, accused the World Health Organization to manage bad the pandemic of the new coronavirus and to be too focused on China.

“WHO really ruined it”, tweeted the president of global power at a time when the united States exceeds the 11,000 deaths from Covid-19.

“For some reason, even though they are largely funded by United States, they are really focused on China. We will examine this with more attention,” he added.

“Fortunately, I rejected their advice early to keep our borders open to China from the beginning. Why they gave us a recommendation so wrong?”, he wrote on the social network.

The united states is, by far, the country with the highest number of cases of the new coronavirus reported officially.

The number of deaths caused by the disease in the country has increased over several days with more than 1,000 deaths every day, gradually getting closer to the records of Italy and Spain.

During his press conference daily, the UN spokesperson, Stéphane Dujarric, rejected on Tuesday the criticism of the u.s. president against his agency specialising in health, although without mention of their links with China.

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“To the Secretary-General (of the UN, Antonio Guterres), it is clear that the WHO, under the leadership of dr. Tedros Adhanom, has done a great job with the COVID-19 to support countries with the distribution of millions of medical equipment and also with training of professionals, he said.

“WHO has demonstrated the strength of the system of international health,” said the spokesperson, recalling the “enormous work” done in the fight against ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighbouring countries, under the leadership of Adhanom and “putting their teams in the first line” of containment.

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