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Many shops and businesses of Germany reopen this Monday its doors, in the first phase of an operation of gradual lifting of the confinement undertaken in a country that has epidemic coronavirus “under control”.

Germany has recorded one of the lowest rates of new cases of coronavirus and deaths associated with the virus in the last 24 hours, said Monday the German centre for disease control, the Robert Koch Institute, on its web site.

According to the Institute, were confirmed 1,774 new infections on Sunday, bringing the total number of cases in Germany to 141,672. The number of deaths increased by 4,400, according to data.

In the first stage of the plan of re-opening, food shops, bookstores or car dealerships, among others, will be able to resume its activities this Monday, always and when its surface does not exceed 800 square feet.

The minister of Health, Jens Spahn, said the pandemic in Germany is “under control” and is “manageable”, reported the AFP.

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