Trump: “we Bought 29 million pills of hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19”


The united states remains the country most affected by the pandemic coronavirus from that presented in the Attached American. The american nation is that more utmost cases of contagion worldwide, as it already exceeds 350 thousand substantiated cases, and in terms of deaths, accumulates more than 10 thousand 350 deathsthat is , it is the third country with the most deaths.

Due to the crisis experienced by the USA and the results they have had with the drug antimalarial ‘Hydroxychloroquine’, the president of the united States, Donald Trump, announced that bought 29 million pills to treat the COVID-19 in EE.UU, since according to the representative, “there are indications” that it works.

“We don’t have time to spend five years researching, people are dying so if the hydroxychloroquine works, is terrific. We know that it is good for the malaria, lupus, and we know that does not kill people, we don’t have anything to lose. There are good indications, there are that give you a chance.”

Although Trump stated that he is aware that this drug might not work, also concluded that, in the case of that work, could save many lives.

USA will live their worst days

In addition to the purchase of the ‘Hydroxychloroquine’, the president touched the issue about the weeks complicated that are coming up in the united States, and he prayed for the citizens of New York and New Jersey, where is located the epicenter of the virus in the country.

“USED you will see the full extent of this terrible epidemic next week. Our prayers are with those who live in New York and New Jersey”.

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