Try the Beta Version of Resident Evil 3 Remake – the enthusiasm is So Exciting!


Revival of the “Resident Evil” – by the way, the remake was proven to be powerful for Capcom. Many fans ended up satisfied with what you do Resident Evil 2 Remake in the last year. The demand of the fans, fill, finally, Capcom continues to the steps, a remake of the title of the three. Through the various screenshots and trailers have been circulating, Resident Evil 3 Remake looks very promising.

But is that really the case? A few days ago, Capcom has already throw the demo-RE 3 Remake, which can be sampled for free. The Demo lasted about 20 minutes is enough to give us the impression related interesting things which would have more to offer to Capcom, the remake of the ambition this time. And here are the impressions from the demo that we played.

Hold, Grab, As Expected

20 minutes is a very short time for a demo,not too much, which can be extracted, in fact. But from the demo we’ve had enough, catch the overview of what Capcom will show. The taste of horror and survival, the condensed, the Foundation is able to serve you with a smooth, through the demo. For those of you who expect a RE 3 Remake semencekam two series, in this time you will not be disappointed.

There is no choice of difficulty on the demo this time, but the level of difficulty presented, you might say, to be quite difficult. The elements of survival on a demo this time stressed really enough, that you can save should always ammo and do-management items with the better. Of course you should always observatif on the environment, because often there are a variety of hidden objects.

Observatif will be very useful to find those items useful.

In addition, observatif is also very important to keep yourself, because Capcom put a lot of tucking the “jump care” to the zombies that can pounce on you suddenly. To defeat the advantage, in turn, observatif in the location of the zombies is simply without wasting a lot of ammunition apply. In the demo this time, there are a lot of red barrels available in a variety of positions, with lure the zombies approach the barrel, you can shoot the barrel and go through a lot of zombies with a single shot.

To kill you use the red barell to the zombies efficiently.

The action gameplay more Intense

In structure, the basic gameplay is similar to the RE 2 Remake, but this time there was a little element of action, more pronounced, thanks to the ability of Jill as a member of the special force. The normal zombies, it can be said can, faster and more aggressive than the previous series, you have faster movements with the attack range wider.

Normal zombies now have a faster movement with the attack range wider.

But as we have already said, Jill had the ability to be more “expert” than Leon and Claire, this time he is equipped with the ability to dodge and roll. Where there is a zombie attack on Jill can do evasive maneuvers, which is more flexible. A bit of good news, again, although the health of the zombies can be said to be thick, but with 3-4 times the shot is a headshot, the zombie is to fall immediately to the bottom and can be directly carried out manually with a knife.

Jill has the movement more than Leon and Claire, which he can do, dodge, and roll-to-dodge

It is another small element of surprise that is interesting, where a random has a zombie head, the durability, which is sometimes very different. Sometimes you can shoot with a bullet and destroy a zombie head with ease, but it is only valid in random and can not be performed continuously.

“Sometimes,” the one-shot-kill with the way of the full hit can do.

Not to feel you are talking about the “Resident Evil” certainly if you talk about the elements of the puzzle. In fact, there are little puzzles to be discussed around the in the short demo. Attractive is a mystery to remain, as before, that will be shown, requires that you always obsevatif on the environment. A safe-Deposit box, in which the installation of weapons, they have to go through the “code” in the field of the unexpected.

Who would have thought, the red is shown in the figure displays a powerful drug this is the code for the safe.

Nemesis is more Brutal than Mr X

The most interesting thing, which will be discussed next, the existence of Nemesis is, of course, as a killing machine, right Mr. X in RE 2 Remake. Since the beginning of its appearance, the trailer and screenshots, the character Monster so huge an awful lot of fishing curiosity. Then semengerikan whether the figure of the Nemesis? We can say that it is far more than the figure of Mr. X.

Not like Mr. X, the slow-motion and a “little” more relaxed, the figure of the Nemesis, of this really feels a lot more brutal and gripping. He has a very quick motion, in addition to, he could also jump and fell like a rocket to get the ship directly behind you. He also has a super powerful punch to the right Mr. X, can Jill be deleted with a single blow.

Nemesis really is stronger and faster compared to Mr. X.

Speed extreme is still missing always about power? Namesis also have tentacles terrible that can fall easily from a distance, if you want to try to escape. The last thing is the crazy thing, Namesis also have the power, attach the parasite in the head of the usual zombies and turn them into much more dangerous.

Nemesis can be normal zombies more dangerous with parasitenya.

Same as Mr X, while the gameplay of the character, the Nemesis can also be unkillable aka not killed. You can do, do you only stun, to escape time for you. Shoot the head of the Nemesis, or attack with more powerful weapons such as shotguns and grenades can be very effective to stop the movement of the Nemesis for a while.

Not can be killed, this can be done, is just stop for a while.

Visualization Is Captivating

Present on the platform of the current Generation, certainly the visual presentation is smooth for you, and fortunately, Capcom is able to present them very well. Back disongkong with the RE-Engine, Resident Evil 3-Remake of the series with the visual quality of a very indulgent eye.

Texture, shade & environment, the visible detail, and of course the gore effects as one of the main attraction also looks very detailed. Interestingly, the character are way models are presented, looks realistic, motion-capture technology, which is implemented in the location, to the faces of the model games in the real world in the scene of the video. Face of the characters very natural look and more power of expression.

So far, there are only a few things that could be discussed through a brief demo of Resident Evil 3 Remake this time. Our own sure, there are a variety of features and interesting things that Capcom can still save and wait for a tested and the release date of the full coming. To the extent that the impressions of the demo, we feel, Resident Evil 3 Remake feels very promising, the still present feeling of nostalgia wrapped up in the gameplay and the graphics are a lot more charm.

Resident Evil 3 Remake himself appears at the 3. April 2020 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, & switch. Are you ready?

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