try to turn things around

Hallucinated and furious over the Daniel Sancho incident. I’ve never seen such a mess of media. For a whole week, maybe longer, we’re talking about a tipiño, a confessed murderer who didn’t kill, someone who tore him apart. Now the media, blessed Spanish media (I mean it’s not the media; for example, certain establishments) are looking for three animals or cats to blame the whole country, Thailand. They are the characteristics of Thailand, they are human rights in Thailand, they are prisons in Thailand, and they are the death penalty in Thailand.

Regarding the death penalty, a lot of media is eager to have it in our country, but in Thailand… how brutal, how uncivilized, how barbaric. Or that they serve their sentences differently than the death penalty in the US. It’s Thailand at the fifth Kalalo there, and that’s what they are. There is no comparison to the Yankees. By the way, if it is this canker, once it dies, all countries in the world will completely eradicate this stain. But we cannot use such brutality as an excuse to turn murderers into martyrs.

For example, if this Daniel Sancho made soup out of his severed limbs, surely some media would say that the poor Spaniard would be famous. Indeed, I’ve never seen such a grotesque problem with these traits. Trying to blame a country and finding fleas in a country because a fellow countryman is not in debt for murdering, humiliating or mutilating Colombian doctor Edwin Arrieta. We’ve always been a little patriot in some obscure cause, maybe to show that there’s no one like us. We are forever blessed after the conquest of America; no civil wars, no post-wars, no milk with vinegar.

I feel that this diffusion and reversal of information should be used more beneficially than what I have filled. In this country, we know that “balls” are almost a profession; famous or certain social classes will always be higher than the two probes we swallowed a few volts of tortillas. Because the media spent a week (and I’ll be around you, brunettes) trying to turn things around, turn a taco, and by the way, didn’t turn it around.

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