Tsitsidosa: Love on the Net by Paula Badosa and Stefanos Tsitsipas

“Yeah, I’m going out with him.” This is how he confirmed paula badosa to the magazine Greetings! her new relationship with the tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas, If this is not a very elaborate joke (it seems that it has already been put out), Badosa will be the rumor that he and the Greek have been so official on the social network in recent days (both have repeatedly used their have demonstrated their mastery in doing What a unique way to publicize a love story when dealing with these kinds of media figures,

It all started very carefully on the platform he chose to dispel the first rumours, spotify, Where both of them posted two different selfies as profile picture where they are seen joking with each other in front of the camera. something that certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by his many fans who have noticed He also made a playlist of some romantic songs of the artists As Ed Sheeran,

This all coincided with Roland Garros, which Tsitsipas was supposed to attend, but Badosa was unable to do so after suffering a stress fracture in his spine during the international matches in Rome. However, the Spaniard went to Paris to watch several matches, some of which Stefanos played, such as pitting him against Carlos Alcaraz in the quarter-finals (at the time it was unclear whether he was more interested in watching the Greek) or his compatriot).

Tsitsipas went to Dubai with Paula after Tuesday’s elimination, That’s where she lives, and that’s where a series of posts began in which the two were seen announcing their relationship to the world, stunned by the rumors surrounding them.

In an unprecedented move in recent memory, The two created a joint Instagram account, @tsitsidosa, That’s what fans dubbed the relationship when the rumors first started flying. “Best friends and soul mates. Nothing less; nothing more” (and a heart-shaped emoji), reads the English description of the account, on which the two already have over 35,000 followers while following only themselves, and to which they have uploaded three posts to date. which depict them together in an affectionate attitude.

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The first is a picture of him, in what appears to be the entrance of a restaurant (the post reads just being us), the second is a video in which he is seen doing gymnastics and dancing to the beats of the music. dance j Balvin and Bad Bunny in the pool and in the gym, sometimes hugged; And the third is still a picture in which they show their complicity and sense of humor («0 grand slam in one snap, but hey, love can take anything», written with).

All this had a sequel on his personal accounts: for example, Tsitsipas showed a story where you see paula Badosa who puts her hair in a ponytail and then kisses him on the cheek,

Stefanos, who appreciates the avalanche of reactions each post elicited, also turned to Twitter, though the first to open fire was Paula, with a tweet that read: “I hope Spotify Gives me a bonus after that”. Tsitsipas apparently retweeted and wrote a few days later: “Tick Tock Tick Tock, Polita’s Back» (probably referring to his new girlfriend’s return to training).

The winking continued with a post in which he joked about his inability to listen to songs in English again (probably after the intensity of reggaeton to which Badosa subjected him), another in which he recovered a Old video of the mixed doubles match they played against his current girlfriend and another he retweeted Old video of the mixed doubles match they played against his new girlfriend.

video of a mixed doubles match she played against current partner and in which they ended up in an embrace (“Most memorable moment of my tennis career”, he wrote alongside); And the latest one so far is a funny video of one last date where he And this His teammates played against each other (“the most memorable moment of my tennis career”, he wrote in support). The latest so far is a funny video from last year, saved by a fan, where Tsitsipas is seen receiving a bag that was originally meant for Badosa (his name has been cleared). “Okay, we have to stop. It’s already too much”, added the Greek between smiling emoticons.

This way of making their relationship known has had a huge impact on the Internet, garnering most, but not all, positive responses. Cuban model Juan Betancourt was Badosa’s partner until a few months ago. (a relationship that was also much talked about in the media, both on social networks and lasted a year and a half) uploaded an image of the couple’s relationship. A few days back he uploaded a post on Instagram which many people understood An allusion to what his ex-girlfriend has shown in public in recent weeks,

«What you want to know I live it, I do not publish it», Betancourt wrote alongside a picture in which he is seen flexing his muscles in a bathing suit in an Ibiza pool.

Tsitsipas has also recently come out of relationship with his compatriot Theodora Petals, who works for a marketing agency in London and with whom she spent about four years. It emerged last March that the couple had split and neither has made the reasons public, although Stefanos has spoken in the past about the difficulties of maintaining a long-distance relationship (he lives in Monte Carlo). lives).

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