Tupac’s ring that Drake bought for a million dollars

Twenty years after his death the figure Tupac remains the cornerstone of culture hip-hop. His records and all the things that belonged to him are true memorabilia for fans and musicians today. collectors. One of them is none other than Drakewho won the auction Sotheby’s L’ring a custom-made one worn by the American rapper during his last public appearance. And he spared no expense, he paid to win the gem. million dollarsexceeding the original estimate of 200/300 thousand dollars by more than three times.

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On the other hand, the symbolic meaningring it’s priceless: a piece of history that belonged to a legend. It was the same Tupac draw it in 1996 to celebrate his contract with Death Row Records and his release from a New York City penitentiary. design the one that was chosen was medieval crown V goldsymbol of (possibly) self-coronation as King of Hip Hopdotted diamonds AND rubies. For the artist, it was also supposed to symbolize the dawn of a new flourishing era, but fate was against him, since soon after that he became the victim of a shootout in which he died. Despite this, he managed to wear it on the occasion of his then holiday. last public appearanceat the MTV Video Music Awards a few days before his death.

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Now this precious piece musical history found a new owner. L’ring it becomes an emblem of the bridge between the past and the future. On the other hand, thin common thread really exists because if Tupac was one of the best of his time (in fact of all time), Drake he is one of our best. So this is not just a purchase, but a perfect representation of what can be seen as a passing of the baton between the old and new guard rap.

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