Turin, 18-year-olds spent their culture bonus on BookTok. Here’s What Books They Buy

18One of the most bought books by young Turinese with the app isn’t even a classic. The top five titles on Amazon’s best-seller charts are two young adult novels, a textbook to prepare for the economics placement exam, and two essays on how to rise to power and make money. Culture Bonus of 500 Euro As the Renzi government wanted it, this year it has reached its seventh and final edition, all 8,000 people born in Turin in 2004, 20,000 people in the whole metropolitan city, are still able to use it, including children who are in high school. The day you graduate from school. From the next it will split into two coupons, one «culture card» Reserved for families with ISEE less than 35 thousand euros and one «merit card» For those who will have the highest grades in high school. Anyone who has turned 18 since January 31 last year has the right to spend the amount provided by the Ministry of Culture on books, CDs, DVDs, concerts. CinemaTheater, archiveCourses and Memberships a Newspaper or magazines.

According to data obtained from Amazon, one of the most used channels for online purchases, from January to date the most books were bought with 18app by 18-year-olds in Turin and its province. give me a thousand kisses Of tilly colePublished by Always Publishing E tear maker edited by Salani Godown Italian Erim Doom who has recently revealed his identity. the two became “romances” Thanks to the bestseller BookTok, Community of TikTok readers. in third place 48 rules of power American’s robert green, an essay published in 2018 by Baldini&Castoldi that summarizes the system of gaining power in a code. first two laws? “Don’t cheat your boss” and “Don’t trust your friends too much, learn to take advantage of your enemies”.

Following the Alfatest manual for the entrance exam in economics, Turin concludes the “Top 5”. Rich father poor father What do rich people teach their kids about money? American’s robert kiyosaki Published by Griboudy, a personal finance bestseller. For Music, two vinyl wins of the album Astroworld Of travis scott And to follow Tedua’s latest release, the album Sferaebbasta by rapper and CD of the same name Serious Of shame, In the DVD category, The Complete Saga Collection harry potter and of Fast and Furious.

Amazon can only provide data on bestsellers, not the percentage spent nor details on the amount. When contacted multiple times, the Ministry of Culture was unable to communicate data broken down by region or province. To date, we only know that more than 424,000 Italian teenagers have registered on the 18app platform and have already spent more than 79 million euros. The latest national data is for the first 5 days of the previous edition for people born in 2003. 80% of these are online purchasesThe remaining 20% ​​is spent at accredited outlets. In the first few days of 2003, youth focused 67% of their purchases on books, 27% on music and concerts, 4% on movies and audiovisual products, with the remaining 2% equally distributed among other categories provided to be done.

«With the entrance to the cinema 18 apps They have weight: they represent between 3 and 5% of the box office at theaters that present programming to the general public,” he says. Martha Valsania, Secretary General of the Egis Piemonte Valle d’Aosta. “This is a useful, easy-to-use initiative that should be encouraged.” There are also people who pay for the language certification exam required to enroll in a foreign university. However, the shadow of fraud looms large over the measure. The black market of Culture Bonus continues on social media, selling it at a low price and making money. « I convert bonus 18 spotless apps with full balance, 50% payment by bank transfer. Write in private for enquiries. The latest case in Turin dates back to two years ago, when a boy was attacked while trying to buy four vouchers.

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