Turin, The Frecce Tricolori plane crashes on takeoff, killing a little girl in the fire. Except the pilot

Airplane from Arrows Tricolors fell during take off in an Aeroport Boxes To Turinduring rehearsals for tomorrow’s centenary show Air Force Military. Pony 4 was still taking off when, probably due to a collision with a pack birds, he lost control. The pilot, 35-year-old Major Oscar Del Do, managed to jump with a parachute before the crash.

However, a woman was injured in the accident.‘all family who was in the car hit by the explosion and completely overturned, engulfed in flames and burned. The impact and fire caused death of a five-year-old girl.

Younger brother, 9 years old, was transferred to Queen Margarita has second degree burns on approximately 15% of her body. He was conscious upon arrival. The mother also had burns (41 years old, on 13% of the body, especially under the armpit), code yellow on the CTO. The same fate applies to the father (49 years old, hospitalized with burns on 4% of the body, mainly on the palm) and the pilot, transferred under code yellow to San Giovanni Bosco.

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