Turney, Bandecchi increases the dose: “I’m not a bad guy, I just warned the directors that if they didn’t let me talk, I’d smash my head on the table.” Answer: “Unworthy to be mayor.”

The undisputed hero of this late summer day was the volcanic mayor of Terni, Stefano Bandecchi, who definitely lost his temper during the morning session of the city council. After hitting a chair and an adviser he lashed out at a minority colleague with bad intentions. Video of Bandekka’s confrontation with opposition FDI advisers went viral and went viral within hours. But he just doesn’t want to be seen as a bad guy, even if circumstances inevitably make him think otherwise. And the attack of the local police did not calm Bandekka’s fury.

In his WhatsApp profile, the head of a wolf with clenched teeth does not go unnoticed and is not at all reassuring. “I approached Cecconi, it’s true, but I definitely didn’t want to give him two crocs…” he assures AdnKronos, referring to his encounter with Melonian adviser Marco Celestino Cecconi. “I just warned him that if this happened again and I was not allowed to speak, I would smash his head on the table”however, the representative of the “Popular Alternative” immediately adds with a shocking expression.

About what happened this morning, he says: “I think people need to connect their brains before they speakthe order of things is that we book and then we talk, everyone talks, I listened to all the nonsense from the centre-right, but when I started talking, they started laughing, ranting, “clownery”, “imbecile”, ‘you don’t understand anything’, Cecconi even started yelling like crazy, he was told to sit down, there is a video, and I got up to sit down, for me, the one who behaves like that is the criminal, but like someone who commits a robbery, the one who rapes a woman … they thought that I would give them two crackers, but that was not my intention, I just told them that the next time I speak, he must listen, otherwise there will be trouble … “.

Political reaction

Now, however, other parties such as the League and the Democratic Party are blaming Bandecchi and Dem, who ask for the intervention of the Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, suggesting that the mayor of the capital of Umbria resign: “Democratic Party? They can go and do in… he blurts out, asking them to write this as well, “they don’t know what to say either.” Of course, I am not retiring because my only mistake is to enter politics after 5 years during which he ruled the centre-right, during which he only stole….”. “And I don’t care about the Democratic Party…”, says the former paratrooper Folgore, then commenting on the position of the party Elli Schlein, who, through Anna Askani and Walter Verini, Umbrian deputies from the Democratic Party, spoke of “unworthy behavior on the part of the character, over which, among other things, there is a serious issue of incompatibility and conflict of interest.”

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