Tutorial to Enable Dark mode in Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp (WA), Power-Saving, mobile phone


TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Here is the tutorial to Enable Dark mode in Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, electricity Saving device

Bored with the look of the phone is mediocre? It is time to try, “dark” or “Dark” for a number of applications in your phone.

Some of the applications that can be installed on it, with Dark mode includes, WhatsApp, Instagram, to Facebook.

The results of the research prove, not only to the aesthetics of the semat with dark mode you can save power the device.

Pixel, the darker, the with far less energy than the bright.

Also, dark mode is very help users of social media, the like to play phone before going to bed.

Even so, could not be, the researchers are not sure whether the light is light blue a negative effect on sleep actually have pattern or not.

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However, white light can certainly make the eyes heavy, staring at a screen at night.

So, I like the dark mode?

Here Tribunnews.com summarized how to activate the function of the dark mode for Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook from a variety of sources.

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