TV, grid and ticket prices: what you need to know about the National Chamamé Festival

This January 14 will begin the National Festival of Chamamé. Despite the discussions of its possible cancellation, this Tuesday they confirmed its implementation and detailed points of their health protocol.

In addition, at the Cocomarola Amphitheater the necessary protocol modifications and installations have already begun and there is expectation for an addition to the grid.

As confirmed by Gabriel Romero, director of the Corrientes Institute of Culture, the capacity will remain at 70%, as announced from the beginning.

In the presentation of the great Chamamecera party, the Institute of Culture had mentioned that the amphitheater will have a capacity of up to 7,500 people, respecting the distancing measures.

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As for the tickets, the value is $ 500 and they are purchased at the Juan de Vera Official Theater from Monday to Friday in the morning and in the afternoon.

“We have great expectations about the attendance. About 1500 or 1600 tickets are sold per day”, highlighted the director of Performing Arts, Music and Audiovisual Arts, Eduardo Sívori.

“Anyway all the people are cautious before the realization of the party”added.

Broadcasts and giant screens

Like every year, Public Television will broadcast it in its programming. “Those who do not feel safe going to the festival will be able to enjoy it from their home on Public TV and local channels,” he mentioned.

In addition, specifically due to the pandemic, a virtual transmission will be made on the social networks of the Government of Corrientes.

“This year there is going to be something different compared to previous years. We are going to free up as much space as possible and that is why we are going to have giant screens on weekends”, detailed the president of the Institute of Culture, Gabriel Romero.

As indicated, they will be located in Costanera, the Eucaliptal park, the Plaza del Mercosur and other parts of the city during the weekend. “We will seek that the Fiesta del Chamamé can be enjoyed from anywhere”, He said.

In addition, during the celebration there will be a screen on Sarmiento Avenue next to a small stage to share with those who pass through the area.

Health protocols

Romero also explained that protocol preparations have already begun to avoid possible infections on the holiday.

“In addition to freeing up spaces and removing dressing rooms, we reduced the staff and dancers”, he mentioned.

As detailed to yesterday from the Festival Management, on Thursday there will be a general rehearsal and swabs will be carried out on all those present.

“Each team will have its bubble and will not be able to get out of it”they admitted.

Photos: Cacho Monzón

Photos: Cacho Monzón

Photos: Cacho Monzón

Photos: Cacho Monzón

Romero also highlighted: “Beyond the protocols that we can establish from the organization, we ask that the necessary precautions be taken. Do not share glasses, wear masks and distance yourself.”

Grid and artists to be confirmed

Regarding the artists present, Romero pointed out that during the day he will meet with Chingoli Bofill to agree on their possible participation in the event.

The meeting will take place after the conflict over the values ​​of the cachet, the official explained in statements to Radio Sudamericana.

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The Grid for the classic holiday, after a year without realization due to the pandemic, is:


Day 1

They will be: AMANDAYÉ. Neike Chamigo Group (Tribute to Julián Zini). Ba. Symphonic Regiment of Patricians. The Group of Good Faith. Coquimarola and its group. Gicela Méndez Ribeiro (Paso de los Libres). Juancito Güenaga. Vicky Sánchez. Mauro Bonamino (Ituzaingó). Facundo and Nazareno Duarte. Confluences. Carlos Ramírez, former member of the Carlos Talavera Quartet.

The reciter Gustavo Chamorro will also act. The Divine Child Ballet. The Senitas. Soriano Sosa. Abel Fernández (Stream). Miguel Arce and the Yunta del Chamamé. Alfredo Monzón. Jorgelina Espíndola. Ñendivey. Mario Prieto Linares placeholder image


Day 2

OFELIA LEIVA will be there. The Symphonic Band of the Argentine Naval Prefecture. ESPÍNDOLA CACHO. Marcia Muller (Entre Ríos). Cesar Frette Trio (San Roque). The Guitars of Curuzú. Simón Morales and Benjamín Morales. Hugo Leiva and the New Line. Susy De Pompert. Nico Cardozo (Buenos Aires). The reciter Lali Romero. Ballet. Alejandro Balbi. The Ortiz Brothers

Aníbal Maldonado will also be there. The Britez Brothers (Missions). Reborn. Luiz Carlos Borges. Myriam Beatriz. Luis Moulín and Belén Belcastro. Los Amarilla. Paiubrera Blood.


Day 3

There will be the BOCHA SHERIDAN. Camerata Zuid from Tilburg, The Netherlands (Dir. Frank Adams) c / n Nino Zanoni and Milagros Caliva. Raúl Barboza. Paquito Aranda

Tajy. Hugo Flores. Tupa Noy (Alvear). People of Law. Gerónimo Zambón (Monte Caseros). Vicente Franco and his Creoles. Ricardo Dimotta (Between Rivers)

The reciter Rafael Fondón. Ballet

Others will be Los Blanco (Buenos Aires). Julio Regúnaga. Florence Of Pompert (Saint Michael). Ricardito Silva (Goya). Franco Perroni. Regina Ferrazzi. Adriana Farias (SP). Dalma Ferreira. Allan Guillén (Chaco). Analía Espíndola. Barberán tone. Oscar Olivera and his Ensemble (Goya)


Day 4

Franco Luciani will be there. Mavi Díaz and the Folkies. Chango Spasiuk c / Elena Rogers ,. Taragüi Coé with Ana Paula Romero (Tribute to Juan Saccú). Itatí Group. Maria Elena Sosa. Juan Pablo Barberán. Esteban Espíndola, the accordion pichoncito (Riachuelo). Panchito Galarza. Sergio Cabrera and Agustín Monzón. Jorge Balmaceda. BALLET. The Borda Brothers (Formosa)

Mario Suárez (Entre Ríos) will also perform. Lira Vera (Missions). The Shamans of Patagonia (Punta Arenas – Chile). Edilberto Bergamo (Sao Sepé). Ismael Echagüe. Amboé. Tono Benítez. Raúl Noguera – Ricardo Panizza. Sonia Alvarez.


Day 5

TERESA PARODI will be there. Lito Vitale: Bagllietto, Jairo, Hilda Lizarazu, La Bruja. Bethlehem Majul. Diego Gutiérrez (Itá Ibaté). Irundy. BLAS MARTINEZ RIERA GROUP (Buenos Aires). Pablo Chamorro. The Ladies of the Litoral (Buenos Aires). Jose Alvarez. Germán Toñanez (Loreto). Fabian Meza (Missions). Corrientes Folk Orchestra. Ruperto Alegre (Tribute to Cambá Castillo). Matías Oviedo (Reciter)

The BALLET will act. Maria Eugenia Gallardo. Oscar Macías and the Curupí Group. Titina de los Santos and her ensemble (San Cosme). Mercosur accordions. Mariana Marques. Grupo Oasis de Villarrica. Avarekó Group. La Callejera. Javier Sá. The Romantic Angels.


Day 6

There will be a Tribute to the Fundación Memoria del Chamamé at the 50th anniversary of “Canción Nueva Correntina”. THE CHILDREN OF THE NEIGHBORHOODS. Rudi Flores. YOUR DAD. Nahuel Pennisi. OPUS FOUR. Nélida Argentina Zenón. Chamameceros de Ley. Las Novas (New Current Movement) “. Tallarín y sus Espuelas del Litoral. Corrientes Police Quartet

Ballet. The Formoseñísimos. The Velázquez Brothers (Chaco). Martín Rodríguez (Concepción). Ramiro Minich. Daniel Giménez trio. Daniel Garcés (Mar del Plata). Marcelo Rojas. Correntino Bellows. Montielero sentiment. Zuni Aguirre. Leandro Galarza Ensamble.


Day 7

Hermanas Vera will perform. Mateo Villalba. Maria Ofelia Cemborain. Jorge Suligoy. The Chaqueñísimos Cardozo. Bruno Mendoza. Emilianito López (Buenos Aires). Manuel Cruz and his Estampa Correntina quartet. Nino Ramírez and the Sanmigueleños. The Apeguá (Currents). Nestor, Ariel and Rocío Ayelen (Paso de los Libres). Vanina Rivarola (Entre Ríos). Rubén Rodríguez (Curuzú Cuatiá)

The reciter Federico Varela will be there. Gianella Niwoyda. The neighbors. Experience. Cadence Chamamé (Goya). Lucio Yanel. Mirta Noemí Talavera. Pedrito Ríos. Angel Picchiochi. Ramón Villarreal. Padularrosa Romero and Terruñeros


Day 8

Los Alonsitos will be there. Antonio Tarragó Ros. Los Núñez (Missions). Gabino and Felix Chávez (Buenos Aires). Eustaquio Miño and his group. Las Guaynas Porá. Juliana Zalazar (Rosario). New Horizon Complex (Ituzaingó). Patricia Gomez. Guaranitic. Facundo Torresán Group (Entre Ríos)

The BALLET will act. Gustavo Méndez (Reciter). Gurí Molina. Homero Chiavarino (Step of the Free). Ernesto Manu Rodríguez and friends for the Chamamé (Buenos Aires). Máximo Benítez. Brisas Correntinas. Oscar Bugart and his Ensemble. Luiz Marenco. Inland. Martinsa. Toty Montiel and his Renovación Group. Chamameceras. Santiago Torres (Buenos Aires)


Day 9

THOSE OF IMAGUARÉ. Gabriel Cocomarola. Matías Barbás and his group. Sofía Morales (San Miguel). Mirian Asuad with Martín Chemes (Rosario). Guido Encinas. Juan Manuel Silveyra and Luis Cardozo. Graciela Linares and Roberto Romero. Lucas Monzón (Chaco). Oscar Mambrín and his ensemble. Lorena Larrea Catterino. Raulito Alonso.

The reciter Diego López. Anabela Zoch (Buenos Aires). Juan Pedro Sorribes. Pajarito Silvestri (Entre Ríos). Chamamé Kuñá. The Garita Brothers (Entre Ríos). Rogelio Almirón. Guedes family. Nestor Lo and the Walkers. Ocara Peguá. Santiago Meza Urquidez. The Sheridans. Brian Acevedo.


Day 10

The SOLEDAD party will close. Nahir Rodríguez (Loreto). Simón de Jesús Palacios. Ernestito Montiel and Cuarteto Santa Ana. Verónica Noguera. Gustavo Miqueri and Clover of Aces. The Matuá Mercedeños. Ñamandu. La Pilarcita. Joel Romero (RECITADOR). Ramiro Ojeda and his Group. Del Valle-Fernández-Galarza. Tilo Escobar. Amadeo Campos and his trio.

Longing Group. Matías Galarza. Remanso Group. Tribute to Tito Gómez and Marta Quiles. Güepa Che. Renato Fagundes. Vichito Echeverría. Jorge Güenaga. José Aquino. The Mercedeños.

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