TV series of 2024: 5 most anticipated series

Since the beginning of the year, numerous 2024 series have been announced and will be available on various platforms. Let’s find out the most anticipated ones.

5 TV series in 2024 that you can’t miss

1. Daredevil is born again

The first series we are showing in 2024 is a reboot dedicated to the character. Daredevil, a Marvel superhero who is the masked alter ego of blind lawyer Matt Murdock. The series features a new take on the Daredevil character, chronicling the hero’s fall from grace at the hands of the Kingpin and his subsequent slow revival. It was announced that the first season of the series will consist of eighteen episodes and will premiere in the spring of 2024.

2. Dostoevsky

A 2024 television series consisting of six episodes, directed and written by the D’Innocenzo brothers, produced by Sky Studios Italia. The series focuses on the investigations of police officer Enzo Vitello, who is investigating the case of a ruthless serial killer nicknamed Dostoevsky. The serial killer is known for the bloody trail he leaves behind his crimes and the letters full of grisly details left at crime scenes. Obsessed with the killer’s words, the cop goes so far as to undertake a dangerous solo investigation, getting ever closer to the disturbing truth.

3. The Art of Joy

Based on the controversial novel by Goliarda Sapienza, the 2024 series is set in early 20th century Sicily. The cast includes Tekla Insolia as the youngest Modesta, Jasmine Trinca, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Guido Caprino, Alma Noche. And with Giovanni Bagnasco and Giuseppe Spata. The series chronicles the dramatic and adventurous life of Modesta: she was born on January 1, 1900, into a poor family in rural Sicily. After a tragic incident separated her from her family, she is invited to a monastery, where her intelligence and perseverance make her successful. she becomes under the protection of the Mother Superior. He arrives at the villa of Princess Brandiforti, where he becomes indispensable, gaining more and more power in the palace. This incessant desire for liberation is accompanied by the path of maturation.

4. Born free

Stories of redemption and hope. Direct from the manufacturer Sea outsideis a new series from 2024 set in a women’s prison. The series interweaves stories of friendship, love, redemption and motherhood. These are the narrative threads that will intersect between the chambers and the teaching laboratories in the project by Franco Bernini and Rosa Ventrella. Born free takes inspiration from the series Sea outside by the same director, but it’s not a spin-off, so this new series won’t star the same female characters as the other one.

5. Mode

2024 series by Stephen Frears, Jessica Hobbs. Kate Winslet, Andrea Riseborough, Guillaume Gallien, Donald Sage Mackay. The series tells about what happens during a year spent within the walls of the palace of an authoritarian regime. The series takes place in a fictional European country struggling with an authoritarian regime that is losing more and more power. Kate Winslet plays the role of a very quirky and charming character, an outwardly authoritarian Chancellor but behind the scenes with an eccentric and even slightly awkward manner.

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