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Lord of the Rings

An unbeatable classic with great female characters. Visionary science fiction and more Italian television production. V Amazon Prime catalog, there is no shortage of series to watch. And a review.

Here are the titles that it would be a shame to miss, and I can recommend a few to you once you find yourself among them. a new series has appeared on Prime Video.

Prime Video series, classic: what to watch on Amazon Prime

Among the series that have become classics today, from be sure to check it out on Amazon Prime I “The Handmaid’s Tale” Sherlock Hannibal. Gossip Girl, Downton Abbey, Young Sheldon, Mad Men. Office, Modern love. But also The Man in the High Castle or Mozart in the jungle, in general, with a very interesting beginning. And with less evolution…

Unfortunately, this is a shortcoming of many modern serial productions. More emphasis is placed on the premise, inningsperhaps to famous performers or directors than to completeness of the narrative. Especially when “forced” to develop over several seasons.

First episode

What to watch on Amazon Prime

Regardless of tastes and preferences, and even without considering it a failure, different things come to mind Carnival Row with Orlando Bloom. There Crisis in six scenes by Woody Allen And Hunters with Al Pacino. Perhaps that’s why many of the subsequent series, selected from among those “absolutely worth watching on Amazon Prime,” are standalone. Delicacies from the same harvest (mini-series) that can still inspire you binge watching. Or alternate with others, more verbose and structured, perhaps in a completely personal program that will also lead you to the discovery of the streamer’s rich “Italian reserve”.

10 best Amazon Prime TV series: The Bad Guy (Italy, season 1, 6 episodes)

Let’s start with the most interesting of them. latest Italian productions. WITH Luigi Lo Cascio “two-faced”, Bad guy was recognized “the most innovative series” by the viewers who voted for him on Ciak d’Oro. Directed by Giuseppe Stasi and Giancarlo Fontana. real surprise among local productions of the season.

But there are many Italian series on Amazon Prime Video. Starting with the investigation Rocco Schiavonealready in its fifth season, as well as various formats and comedies (from LOL: Whoever laughs is out. AND Supper Club V Little fish “The Jackal”) may be dominated by figures already very dear to the public (I’m Lillo AND Life like Carlo). Until the most interesting Prism directors SCAM Italy which revolves around the discoveries and conquests of two Latin American twins played by the talented Mattia Carrano.

The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power (season 1, 8 episodes)

It was one of the biggest hits of last year. And he promises that it will continue to be as it is now. 5 seasons already planned in this new transposition of J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic. After film trilogy director Peter Jackson (Hobbit, as well as the same name), Middle-earth and its fantastic protagonists return to tell us an exciting and spectacular epic. Every fan of the saga cannot miss this.

Boys (3 seasons, 24 episodes)

If you feel like DC and Marvel comics have nothing left to say. Or are you not a fan of superheroes on the big screen, stories about them “dark side” more cruel and mean, he can only offer you more human point of view about these modern gods (the mention of a noble one is completely accidental American Gods, also on Prime Video). Belonging “little magnificent” seven with superhuman powers, controlled by Vought International and at the mercy of their basest desires.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (5 seasons, 43 episodes)

In 2017, he immediately became one of the most high-profile cases television landscape, and it’s only growing. Until the conclusion – apparently planned – came 5 years later. Huge credit for a superb interpretation Rachel Brosnahan (which won an Emmy Award, two Critics’ Choice Television Awards, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and two Golden Globes). But first of all thanks genius and dialogue creator Amy Sherman-Palladino. A gorgeous and surprising pairing straight out of the pilot episode. one of the greatest successes of all time Prime Video company.

Terror (2 seasons, 20 episodes)

L’unique anthology series of our ten, two seasons are as different as they are intriguing. More than the twisted and the supernatural a shame came later, a careful and dedicated vision First season it may be an experience like few others. Anxious and based the true story of the arctic exploration ship mission British Navy HMS Erebus and HMS Terror are stuck in the ice. Extreme conditions and an inhospitable environment that will severely challenge the crew inside and outside the boat, both psychologically and otherwise.

Must-watch TV series on Amazon Prime: Fleabag (2 seasons, 12 episodes)

Even more than the aforementioned Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag (literally “flea bag”) Phoebe Waller-Bridge gives poignant moments. Obviously, for an audience that can – or wants – to tune in to the wave of this original artist, also the author theatrical text which inspired the series. In which you will get to know the main character of the new product better Indiana Jones and the Quadrant of Fate, here a young London woman is torn between dysfunctional familyan uncertain job and a series of crazy and questionable relationships.

Loop (season 1, 8 episodes)

From documentary horror Lor to a sci-fi comedy DownloadPrime Video confirms a certain variety in offer for lovers of science fiction, a genre whose shadows are particularly evident in this original production. THAT stories presented – according to the original name, Tales from the cycle – actually created based on paintings by a Swedish artist Simon Stålenhag. A true visionary to whom we owe much of paradoxical events which revolve aroundparticle accelerator (actually “The Loop”), built in the sixties in rural Ohio.

Jack Ryan (4 seasons, 30 episodes)

In the top ten most watched TV series on Amazon Prime Video. CIA analyst created by Tom Clancy in the novels and played in the film Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck and Chris Pine. On the small screen it’s John Krasinski, the protagonist of the takeover of the Agency and the fight against the true evil that has infested the United States. A crime thriller-action which will be appreciated by many who have seen Reacher, inspired by the books Lee Child – and the vaunted Bosch (here the literary origin goes to Michael Connelly), who, after seven seasons of honorable service in Heritage continues to follow the ups and downs of the now retired investigator.

The Devil’s Hour (Season 1, 6 episodes)

Not very easy at first glance. Quite difficult to develop. Ready to break every rule to greet the audience with dignity. Which doesn’t require too much patience, considering that reduced lengthbut who will surely appreciate the psychological and role-playing game that unfolds between the two real main characters, Jessica Raine and, most notably, former Doctor Who Peter Capaldi. We hope we see this again in seasons 2 and 3 and it could blow the world up. prerequisites and potential are mentioned only.

Devil's Hour

Listen to the Forgotten Flowers (season 1, 7 episodes)

Entered the catalog on August 4. Original miniseries Based on Holly Ringland’s bestselling debut novel. Lost Flowers by Alice HartThe 7-episode series tells the fascinating and emotional story of little Alice Hart. But above all, it gives us the opportunity to admire one thing exceptional Sigourney Weaver as Grandma June Hart, head of the Thornfield Flower Farm. Here am I family secrets they nestle among gorgeous fields of flowers and are intertwined with the stories of the women they host.

New Amazon Prime series: from The Continental to The Ferragnez: Sanremo Special

There are a lot of new features coming out at the start of the season. From Continental: From the World of John Wick (including Mel Gibson) Wheel of Time 2 (fantasy with Rosamund Pike). Before Wilderness: Out of ControlWith Look What You Made Me Do (Taylor Version) in the soundtrack and generation V, separate from Boys (see above). And as for Italian production, Ferranier: Sanremo Special Edition (from 14.09) ed. Everybody loves diamonds With Kim Rossi Stewart, Anna Foglietta, Gian Marco Tognazzi Carlotta Antonelli and Leonardo Lidi (from 10.12).

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