TV Shows Tonight Monday February 27, 2023. Primetime TV Shows and Movies

Tonight on TV – find out on italia News the evening programming on TV today Monday 27 February 2023 in prime time on Digital Terrestrial channels.

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RAI 1 (1)

21.30 – TV SERIES FIRST TV Flowers above hell – The cases of Teresa Battaglia – S1E5 Thriller TV miniseries with Elena Sofia Ricci
Viesel’s body is taken away: for Teresa the killer has stolen something from the victim. During the Tac, Teresa realizes: the killer is protecting the 4 children. The killer’s DNA is close.

22.35 – TV SERIES FIRST TV Flowers above hell – The cases of Teresa Battaglia – S1E6
Markus’ search continues; Ebran is free. Teresa understands that she must hear from Mathias. At the stake is a disturbing discovery: she and the team are dealing with dark and old secrets.

11.45pm – ACTUALITY’ Stories in the evening – Leads Eleonora Daniele
The second evening of Rai 1 will return to some of the cases treated in “Italian Stories” for which new elements emerge in the investigations.

11.55pm – INFORMATION Tg1

RAI 2 (2)

21.20 SHOW- Tonight anything is possible – comedy show hosted by Stefano De Martino with Biagio Izzo, Francesco Paolantoni and Vincenzo De Lucia with his impersonations.
The theme of this third episode will be “W La Rai” and will have as guests, in addition to Francesco Paolantoni and Vincenzo De Lucia, who this week will imitate Mara Venier and Milly Carlucci, also Nathalie Guetta, Andrea Pucci, Peppe Iodice, Claudio Lauretta, Bianca Guaccero, Elena Santarelli and Giovanni Esposito.

RAI 3 (3)

21.20 – INVESTIGATION Pre-live Peace builders. Leads Riccardo Iacona
The European Parliament and democracy under attack an investigation entitled “Europe for sale” to recount the corruption and interference of foreign states that have affected the heart of the EU institutions, the Qatar Gate and the Morocco Gate. With exclusive interviews and documents, expert analyzes and voices from inside European palaces.

11.15pm – ACTUALITY Dilemmas – The body as a commodity? Sex as something to buy? The second series of Dilemmas starts from these questions. First guests, the historian Giordano Bruno Guerri and the writer Viola Ardone who, together with Carofiglio, will address the issue of paid sex


21.25ACTUALITY’ Fourth Republicleads Nicola Porro
The program conducted by Nicola Porro deals with current affairs, politics and economics in the company of his guests.


21.46 – REALITY SHOW VIP Big Brother – leads Alfonso Signorini with the two columnists: Sonia Bruganelli and Orietta Berti.

ITALY 1 (6)

21:20 DOCUMENTARY Freedom – Beyond the border
Adventure, discovery, investigation. A journey in search of knowledge to discover the unknown and be amazed by the wonders of nature and history.

A 7 (7)

21:15 MOVIE The Rain Man – Drama 1997 with Matt Damon, Danny DeVito, Mary Kay Place, Claire Danes, Jon Voight, Mickey Rourke

11:45 pm MOVIE The dark beyond the hedge – Drama 1962 with Gregory Peck, Mary Badham, Robert Duvall.

TV 8 (8)

21.30 MOVIE Escobar The charm of evil – Action 2017 with Javier Bardem, Penélope Cruz, Peter Sarsgaard

11.30pm SHOW Nightmare kitchens Italy – Chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo is at La Locanda degli Artisti – Como

NINE (9)

21.25 LIFESTYLE BEFORE TV Little Big Italy – Nashville New season conducted as always by Francesco Panella

10.23 LIFESTYLE Little Big Italy – Vienna leads Francesco Panella


20.55 SPORT The Best FIFA Football Awards – Live from Paris, the Best FIFA Football Awards ceremony, this year in its seventh edition, which rewards the stars of world football.

22.44 MOVIE Whiteout – White Nightmare – (Action 2009) – To shed light on the first ever murder committed in Antarctica, a federal sheriff has only 3 days, before the long, dark winter. Directed by D. Sena.

RAI 4 (21)

21.22 MOVIE Bad Boys for Life Action movie 2020 with Will Smith, Martin Lawrence.
The two bad boys, cops Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett, still work together, but Marcus, now a grandfather, is already thinking about retirement. When a hitman shoots Mike into a coma, Marcus vows never to hold a gun again. When the colleague wakes up determined to give battle, however, he can’t help but help him. Also available in the original language.

23.23 MOVIE criminal Thriller movie 2016 with Kevin Costner, Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot
A captivating and exciting Action that will keep you poised between the memories of a CIA agent (Bill Pope) and the temperament of a dangerous prisoner (Jericho Stewart). Jericho Stewart (Kevin Costner) will be implanted with the memories of Bill Pope (Ryan Reynolds) an agent who hid an Irish programmer with vital information for the CIA. In the path that leads him to rebuild Bill’s memory, Jericho will discover himself and a new secret of which he was not yet aware.

IRIS (22)

11.21 MOVIE The last of the Templars – (Action 2011) – For the cycle: ACTION. Nicolas Cage in a gripping fantasy. A knight has the task of escorting a girl accused of witchcraft to a monastery. Directed by D. Sena;

22.59 MOVIE Honor your father and mother – (Drama) – For the cycle: BORN IN THE USA. Two brothers with serious financial problems organize a robbery of the family jewelry store. A simple, fast shot, without any risk.

RAI 5 (23)

21.15 FIRST TV MOVIE Justice palace – Drama 2020 with Daphne Scoccia, Bianca Leonardi, Sarah Short
A day of ordinary justice in a large Italian court. In the dock a young robber and the gas station attendant who, as soon as he was robbed, shot and killed the other very young accomplice. Outside, waiting, the families of the accused and the victim.

22.40 DOCUMENTARY Charade – The Circle of Words – The other 900: Attilio Bertolucci

23.34 DOCUMENTARY Patti Smith Electric Poet


21.10 MOVIE The Battle of the Alamo – John Wayne Western 1960 with John Wayne, Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey
The story of the assault on Fort Alamo, in which a handful of men fought against the attack of the Mexican army in the mid-1800s. Seven nominations and one win at the 1961 Oscars.

11.55pm MOVIE Harry Spikes gang – Out West, three young men team up with an outlaw to form a gang of robbers. The pact is to separate after the first robbery, but things don’t go as planned.


21.20 MOVIE A summer in Andalusia – Comedy 2020 with Birte Hanusrichter, Patrick Fernandez
Pia goes to Spain to meet John. She arrives late for the appointment and she doesn’t find him; Thus begins the friendship between Pia and Flora, the taxi driver who accompanied her, who will introduce her to many places and people, including Diego.

23.00 ACTUALITY’ Beasts – Francesca Fagnani meets Alessandra Celentano face to face

SKY (26)

21.15 MOVIE The painted veil – Drama 2006 with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton,
Marriage of convenience, adultery and revenge: these are the ingredients of the heated melodrama with Naomi Watts and Edward Norton.

11.55pm LIFESTYLE Sex for 5 euros
We meet Yolanthe Sneijder Cabau and her husband Wesley Sneijder, soccer champion: the two have founded an organization that aims to fight child prostitution in Brazil.


21.05 MOVIE A cop in elementary school – (Comedy 1990) – An undercover policeman pretends to be a primary school teacher to catch a dangerous criminal. With A. Schwarzenegger. Directed by I. Reitman;

23.05 MOVIE Ocean’s Eleven – Place your bets – (Action 2001) – First film in Steven Soderbergh’s trilogy with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts and Matt Damon grappling with a pharaonic robbery. Directed by S. Soderbergh.

LA7D (29)

21.30 TV SERIES Josephine, ange gardien S1 E12 With Mimie Mathy

23.25 TV SERIES Josephine, ange gardien S1 E39 With Mimie Mathy

A5 (30)

21:10 MOVIE Blame the stars – (Drama) – From the novel of the same name. Two teenagers with cancer meet, like each other, fall in love and travel to Holland to meet their favorite writer

11:26pm MOVIE A light baggage – PrimaTv – Short film based on the story by Maurizio Porcu, directed by Alessandro Guida and Daniele Barbiero, on a story of illness, courage and love.

11:35pm MOVIE Wedding Every Weekend – (Romance) – Brooke and Nate meet at a wedding banquet, and then find themselves accidentally invited to three other weddings. Will the next wedding be theirs? Directed by K. Fair;


21:25 DOCUMENTARY Dr. Pimple Popper: the pimple-smashing doctor – Stucco
Bob has mysterious sores all over his body. Virginia can’t wait to have a lump removed, and Tom is desperate to cure her itch.

10:20 pm DOCUMENTARY Dr. Pimple Popper: the pimple-smashing doctor – The monster
Steven has a huge growth on his back and his daughter is scared. Ethan has an annoying rash in a particularly delicate place on his body.

11:20pm DOCUMENTARY Dr. Pimple Popper: the pimple-smashing doctor – Disfigured
April is full of bumps that have disfigured her arms. Genner came from the Philippines to ask the doctor for help to fix her irregular nose.

CINE34 (34)

21:06 MOVIE The family home (Comedy) – Papa Sergio wakes up from a coma after five years. He will have a nasty surprise when he discovers that his children, meanwhile, have already sold his house. Directed by A. Fornari;

10:42 PM MOVIE the worst – (Comedy) – Candidate for the Silver Ribbons. In Naples, two brothers almost by chance become “justiciars” acclaimed on the Internet. With Vincenzo Alfieri, Lino Guanciale Directed by V. Alfieri;

Byoblu (262)

8.30pm ACTUALITY’ It’s the hour of truth – On Byoblu the new prime time program live. The journalists of the editorial team lead together with Claudio Messora with the participation of the spectators in the studio and the possibility of intervening live through the Byoblu social channels.

11pm ACTUALITY’ Orsobruno – Francesco Borgonovo – Francesco Borgonovo leads “Brown Bear”, a daily strip of information and commentary on current events, with a non-aligned look on the most burning issues and on the great cultural and political challenges.

11.30pm ACTUALITY’ The health that comes – Discovering acupuncture: when it is needed and what are the benefits – Claudio Molinari – “The health that comes” is the informative space that helps to decipher new risks and new opportunities of science and medicine. Davide Gianluca Porro interviews doctors, scientists and industry experts.

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