TV Shows Tonight Wednesday March 1, 2023. Primetime TV Shows and Movies

Tonight on TV – find out on italia News the evening programming on TV today Wednesday 1 March 2023 in prime time on Digital Terrestrial channels.

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RAI 1 (1)

21.30 – MOVIE Bohemian Rhapsody – Bryan Singer Biopic 2018 with Rami Malek, Lucy Boynton, Gwilym Lee
Freddie Mercury, the famous frontman of Queen, from an early age understood that he had a talent for music, challenging stereotypes and conventions, managing to establish himself and become the rock star that the whole world admired. The film reconstructs the rise of the band born in 1970 in London, the great successes and its crisis, parallel to that experienced by Freddie for his increasingly wild life, to then focus on the historic and epic reunion for Live Aid in July 1985.

11.55pm – ACTUALITY’ Door to door – Leads Bruno Vespa

RAI 2 (2)

21.20 TV SERIES Sea outside S03 E05 – Love does not exist

22.40 TV SERIES Sea outside S03 E06 – The age of innocence

11.50pm SHOW Cattelan is on Raidue tonight – New episode of “Stasera c’è Cattelan”, the late show of Rai2. Guests of the episode the director Sydney Sibilia, at the cinema with the new film “Mixed by Erry” and Paola and Chiara.

RAI 3 (3)

21.20 – ACTUALITY’ Who has seen? conducted by Federica Sciarelli


21.25ACTUALITY’ UpstreamIn-depth journalistic program by Videonews hosted by Veronica Gentili.


21.44 –SHOW Michelle Impossible & Friends – Second episode of the show hosted by Michelle Hunziker. Among the guests of the evening Claudio Bisio, Il Volo and Article 31

ITALY 1 (6)

21:14 MOVIE The Mummy – (Action 2016) – Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe in the spectacular reboot of the 1932 film of the same name. The awakening of the mummy of Princess Ahmanet. Directed by A. Kurtzman

11:21 PM MOVIE The Scorpion King – (Action) – Spin-off of the series “The Mummy”. In 3000 BC, in Gomorrah, the nomadic tribes unite against a common enemy: the evil tyrant Memnon. With Dwayne Johnson Directed by C. Russell

A 7 (7)

21:15 DOCUMENTARY Atlantis – Stories of men and worlds – 1943: The Mafia and the Americans Story of a landing

TV 8 (8)

21.25 SHOW Name the Tune – Guess the song

NINE (9)

21.25 MOVIE Hitman – The assassin – Action 2007 with Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott, Olga Kurylenko, Henry Ian Cusick

11.35pm MOVIE Pelham 1 2 3 – Hostages on the subway Action / Thriller 2009 with John Travolta, Denzel Washington, Luis Guzman, James Gandolfini, Michael Rispoli and John Turturro
John Travolta will play opposite Denzel Washington, in the role of the leader of a group of criminals who will hijack a subway train threatening to kill the passengers if he does not receive a large sum of money. Remake of 1974’s “The Metro Heist – One Hostage a Minute”.


21.14 MOVIE Survivors – (Drama) – Post-apocalyptic film starring Margot Robbie, Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor. After a nuclear conflict, a young woman is the subject of a love dispute between two men.

23.03 MOVIE Pressing-winds on the net – Giorgia Rossi conducts the live program with highlights, goals, images and comments from the day of Serie A football.

23.33 MOVIE Mission: Impossible 2 – (Action) – Chapter 2 of the adrenaline-pumping saga. Agent Ethan Hunt, Tom Cruise, will have to prevent the release of the “Chimera” virus by a group of terrorists. Directed by J. Woo

RAI 4 (21)

21.19 MOVIE Double suspicion – Drama 2018 with Veerle Baetens, Anne Coesens
Alice and Céline live in two connected terraced houses and are great friends, practically sisters. Like their homes, their families are also mirror images. Until the day when Alice witnesses, helplessly, the death of Céline’s son, who fell from her bedroom window. Blinded by her pain, Céline initially reproaches her friend for not having done everything possible to save him.

10.55pm MOVIE Outbacks – Horror 2019 by Mike Green with Lauren Lofberg, Taylor Wiese, Brendan Donoghue
Wade and Lisa are on vacation in Australia hoping to rebuild their failing relationship. During a trip to the outback, a car breakdown pushes the two to venture into the desert.

IRIS (22)

21.14 MOVIE Where eagles dare – (Espionage) – For the series: THE EYE OF CLINT. British Commander Smith must free an American general imprisoned in an inaccessible castle in the Bavarian Alps.

RAI 5 (23)

21.15 ART Art Night Episode 12 – The colors of art: Yellow
Discover art through a journey into its founding components. How the color yellow has shaped painting and the visual arts over time.

22.15 MOVIE Jaco, The FIlm – Biographical on Jaco Pastorius


21.10 MOVIE The 25th hour – S.Lee’s Drama 2002 with Edward Norton, Barry Pepper
Before serving seven years in prison, wealthy New York drug dealer Monty decides to spend his last night of freedom with his girlfriend and two friends. Fears emerge. From a novel by David Benioff. –

11.30pm MAGAZINE Movie Mag – Pilar Fogliati is Federico Pontiggia’s guest in the new episode of “Movie Mag”. In theaters with “Romantiche”, her first attempt as a director, Pilar Fogliati talks about herself in a face-to-face full of freshness, revealing her special cocktail of humour, comedy and satire.

11.55pm MOVIE A just cause – 2018 biopic with Felicity Jones, Armie Hammer, Justin Theroux


21.20 SHOW Tonight anything is possible.

SKY (26)

21.20 MOVIE Firequake – Action 2014 with Alexandra Paul, Zoë Barker, Nigel Barber
A new energy resource could change the destinies of the world. But no one has come to terms with the side effects…

23.00 MOVIE Linda – Thriller 1981 with Katja Bienert, Ursula Buchfellner, Raquel Evans
A girl is forced into prostitution in a brothel run by the same owners of a luxurious hotel.


21.04 MOVIE The secret of my success – (Comedy) – A parable about corporate life in the 80s starring young Brantley. Comedy by Herbert Ross (“Steel Magnolias” and “Footloose”) with Michael J. Fox. Directed by H. Ross

23.05 MOVIE Bridget Jones’s diary – (Comedy 2001) – Bridget, an awkward and single thirty-year-old undecided between the womanizer Daniel and the shy Mark, entrusts her sentimental (mis)adventures to the pages of a diary. Directed by S. Maguire

LA7D (29)

21.30 TV SERIES White Collar – Criminal Charm S02 E5

22.20 TV SERIES White Collar – Criminal Charm S02 E6

10.23 TV SERIES White Collar – Criminal Charm S02 E7

A5 (30)

21:10 MOVIE Three suddenly – (Comedy) – Two hardened singles who hate each other, having met on a blind date with a bad ending, will have to take care of a little orphan girl. With K. Heigl. Directed by G. Berlanti

11:11 PM MOVIE Guide to happiness – (Comedy) – While going through difficult times in their respective lives, a New York literary critic and an Indian taxi driver meet and help each other. Directed by I. Coixet


21:20 REALITY The skin clinic – Ep12
Huge scars have developed on Rimi’s face. Also, Maureen goes back to Dr. Emma to have some scars removed.

10:15 pm REALITY The skin clinic – The itch
Dr. Emma meets Chris, who has an itchy and painful rash. Also, he takes care of Lauren’s lump and Sarah’s red nose.

11:10pm REALITY The skin clinic – The beast
Former model Sarra hates her lipoma. Kzartan feels recluse because of his face, psoriasis ruins Emily’s life and Kevin doesn’t know where to turn about his lump.

11:55pm REALITY The skin clinic – Ep.12
Doctor Emma takes care of Miya: the young woman has terrible acne and can’t even sit up. Rishi also has deep scars from acne.

CINE34 (34)

21:05 MOVIE I’m getting married at Christmas – (Comedy) – A bizarre gang manages to get hired for a very chic wedding banquet in Saint Moritz. With V. Salemme, Massimo Boldi and E. Canalis. Directed by P. Costella

10:53 PM MOVIE Love at first sight -(Comedy) – Amusing comedy of misunderstandings directed and interpreted by V. Salemme. A boss’s son undergoes a corneal transplant. Nothing will be as before. Directed by V. Salemme

Byoblu (262)

8.30pm ACTUALITY’ Byoblu interviews – “Excluded from the popular jury because they were not vaccinated” – Grazia Piccinelli, Lina Manuali, Cinzia Toetti – In some videos released in recent days, Grazia Piccinelli and Cinzia Toetti, of the Fortitudo Committee, reported that at the Cremona court two people candidates to be part of a popular jury were excluded because they were “no vax”, i.e. not subjected to the anti-Covid vaccination. Byoblu collected their testimony discussing it together with the former magistrate Lina Manuali.

21:00 ACTUALITY’ “1984” – Escape plan – Escape Plan is the anti talk show. A moment of deepening and comparison without the censorship of the Thought Police of our house. Francesco Borgonovo and the guests in the studio and online talk about the present and a future to be built.

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