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Regular washing of towels is necessary to avoid bacteria, as they begin to accumulate bacteria, fungi, and viruses after each use. The longer they stay moisturized, the more chance they have of becoming active, explains Cleveland Clinic dermatologist Alok Vij.

“They may lead to toenail fungus outbreakathlete’s foot, jock itch (a fungal infection of the skin) and warts, or causing the spread of these skin conditions,” he warned in the clinic’s newsletter, Health Essentials.

According to the director of the dermatology residency program, dirty towels may cause atopic dermatitisA condition characterized by dry, itchy, and inflamed skin.

As a general rule of thumb to prevent this from happening, Vij recommends Wash bath towels at least once a week Or replace it with a clean one. Appliance manufacturing company Whirlpool offers another option: clean your appliances after every three uses.

Hand towels should be washed or replaced several times a week The dermatologist adds that those things you put in your backpack after exercise must be changed every day.

“Sports towels become very uncomfortable: They stink, smell, and are full of bacteria“, alert.

After using any type of towel, Vij recommends hang it on the bar Instead of hooks, this dries nicely.

Another tip is to wash them more often when they appear. User is sick Or if the humidity in your home is high, especially in the summer.

Can they be shared?

Just like people share bed sheets, they can share bath towels as long as no one has a skin condition or is sick.

When it comes to hand towels, Vij recommends keeping them on personal items and avoiding sharing them with others.

What towel should I choose?

Vij says high-thread-count terry towels feel good against the skin, so they’re a suitable choice. However, they take time to dry.

Microfiber fabrics are better for the gym because they dry faster than cotton.

How should they be cleaned?

To save water and electricity, you must Wash several towels together. According to Water Use It Wisely, a campaign that invites you to take care of the liquid, it’s best before it’s fully charged.

swirl Not recommended to be worn with other clothing. This way they won’t wear out, which can be damaged by the type of wash cycle the towels go through.

In Mexico, the ideal type of washing machine is one with the following features: yellow energy efficiency label And received the ecological grade green seal issued by the National Water Commission (Conagua).

some people may think Using lots of soap can make textiles cleaner, but it can actually cause them to become rough. Avera, a store that specializes in home furnishings, says the color will fade faster.

you have to use small amount of detergent Acts as a softener, the brand adds, as it promotes more concentrated moisture after each use. Using biodegradable bulk products reduces contamination.

Overall, Use Water Wisely urges Avoid using hot water Use for washing any clothes. This saves emissions from electricity and power generation.

Also, do not use dryers and Drying clothes outdoors According to the Climate Reality Project, up to 3 kilograms of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions can be reduced. Towels should be dried indoors so they don’t become rough, Avila advises.

How to avoid hardness and odor?

If someone wants their towels to be softer, soaking them in cold water, lemon, and a little vinegar a few hours ahead of time will allow the fabric to expand and soften. As they dry, they become fluffier.Before putting them in the washing machine, you must Rinse out the vinegar To make the smell go away, Avila said.

If they smell bad, you can soak them in baking soda to remove the odor before putting them in the washing machine.


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