TVBoy mural in Bristol wows fans

King Charles AND Camilla they eat at Burger King. But only in fresco TVboy. Appeared this morning at Bristol After the last few weeks of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton’s brides, the Italian artist’s mural is hitting fans again.

The takeaway bag is in the hand of the queen, and the drink is in the hand of the king: the artist has brought back the apparently “imaginary” reality of two members of the royal family eating in the “royal” place par excellence, that is, in the fast food “king” of burgers.

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“wrong graffiti”

“While I was painting this mural, a little boy comes up to me and says: “This graffiti is wrong! Carlo and Camilla never eat at Burger King,” she wrote in a TVBoy Instagram post.

The little boy, in fact, is not entirely wrong. While the British royals have lost their aura of characters beyond the usual, like eating at a fast food restaurant, it’s not so wrong to think of them at Burger King if Meghan and Harry are eating sushi with famous actors instead. what happened in the past with Cameron Diaz, for example.

The portrait of two with a crown from a burger chain is essentially a restitution of a utopian collective imagination, but not so distorted.

TVboy: Italian neo-pop

Born in Palermo in the 1980s, Salvatore Benintende is a street artist all over the world, creating works inspired by American pop art. In Italy, he is known to the general public thanks to the fresco depicting the kiss of Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio.

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