Twilight, Jamie Lynn Spears recalls her audition for the film

Jamie Lynn Spears once remembered auditioning for Twilight, despite being skeptical of the idea of ​​a vampire story at the time.

jamie lynn spears brought her back Zoey Back in business, starring in a sequel film distributed in streaming by Paramount+. curious to know what will happen in this Zoey 102The actress and sister of pop star Britney Spears also said she attended the audition. twilight, Which character would you like to play?

Jamie Lynn Spears recalls failed Twilight audition

The Twilight Saga is based on the novels by Stephenie Meyerachieved instant success by starting the career of Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart, are very popular names in Hollywood today. So popular that even Jamie Lynn Spears wanted to be part of the movies, which is why she tried to win over the production during the audition stages but it was no easy task. in a recent interview with Diversityactress of sweet magnolias She remembered being somewhat skeptical when there was so much publicity about vampires.

I auditioned for Twilight. It was only a matter of time before vampires really made their mark. Now we all love watching vampire stories, but at the time I used to think, ‘Vampires? In fact?’. I remember going to the audition and saying, ‘Who will see these vampires?’ Well, I was wrong.

Despite telling the story, Jamie Lynn Spears hasn’t revealed which character she would have liked to have played in the saga. And apparently she’s not the only actress who has fallen under the spell of Twilight. Too Jennifer LawrenceBest known for The Hunger Games saga, previously said she auditioned for the vampire saga, but recalled that she was rejected “immediately”. During The Rewatchables podcast he said: “I auditioned for Twilight, but they immediately turned me down. I didn’t even get a phone call. But my life could have turned out very differently. Hunger Games came a year later, About this return of zoeyThis time in film format, Jamie Lynn Spears explains Diversity,

Zoey is very close to my heart because I had a huge role in building her up when I was young and making her into a person that I could relate to. It was always my dream to play her again as an adult. It took years of getting it right, getting it wrong and logically figuring out how to implement it by putting together a team that really wanted to get it right. When I arrived on set the first day I thought, ‘Oh my god, we’ve really done this. We are here, it is happening’.

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