Twilight, Jennifer Lawrence talks about her audition for the first film

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twilight It is considered a very successful franchise today not only in literature but also in cinema. Indeed, despite harsh criticism over the years, the saga has still managed to capture the public’s enthusiasm, which warrants its inclusion in today’s pop culture.

first film of twilight Made in the early 2000s, more precisely in 2008, so we must bear in mind that at that time Jennifer Lawrence was not the so-called “anti-diva” in Hollywood, whose success was then marked by films winter’s Bone,

during a podcast episode The Revachables, The actress recalled losing a role in Twilight, The Academy Award winner opened up about the struggles she faced being “an actress” and how it affected her chances of landing a role in the vampire franchise, even if she has hard feelings about it Do not be

,When I auditioned for Twilight, they rejected me right away. they didn’t even call to tell me, But I did not know what turn my life would take. I think I went to The Hunger Games a year later. When you audition and you are a simple actress…they just give you five pages and say ‘be a monkey’. When the movie came out I said, ‘Damn it,,

sometimes then You never can tell which direction your career will take Of a performing artist, especially when it comes to actors.

if you haven’t read it yet Here’s our review of Twilight. Kristen Stewart recently talked about chemistry with the saga’s unforgettable Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, among other things.


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