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Continuing with the peculiar celebrations of November in Japan, November 25 is celebrated Office Workers’ Day (OL no Hi), where different illustrators and the Internet community share illustrations and photographs of commemorative cosplays.

The term “OL – Office Lady”Is used in Japan to describe women in office jobs and emerged more than fifty years ago in a women’s weekly magazine. The attire of a female office worker is normally depicted erotically by Japanese illustrators, with tight female suits that highlight the breasts and butt, accompanied by glasses and generally opaque thigh-high stockings. All these illustrations are shared through the hashtag #OL の 日.

«The “Office Workers Day (OL no Hi)” was created in 1994 by the “OL Network System”, an interprofessional exchange group for working women. In the past, office workers were called “BG (Business Girls)”, but on September 12, 1963, NHK made it a forbidden term because it was reminiscent of the English word “prostitute.” To replace this term, the weekly women’s magazine “Josei Jishin” called for a new term, and in its November 25 issue, the most popular choice was “Office Lady” (OL).», Writes a Japanese media about this date.

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