Twitter Blocked Tweets Inhumane for the patients with Coronavirus


SAN FRANCISCO, The ongoing efforts of Twitter, to all the people behave better-online has a new target. The company has an update for a Directive prohibits the use of language that is not Human towards people on the grounds of age, disability or illness.

A language that is not human is the speech that compares or treatment of the other as something less inappropriate. Compare, for example, the members of a group of Twitter, which is protected by animals or pests.

Twitter said that the changes had lasted for some time. But, the category of diseases is very timely. Permusahan and racism against people who have suffered, from the corona virus has recently increased.

So, now, at least on Twitter, people, the fear can not be, the dissemination of hatred is human to the patients with corona virus. For example, the user wrote: “people with corona virus is a pest’ today is no longer permitted quotes on Twitter Mashable, Saturday (7/3/2020).

Twitter started the idea of the policy, the language, the anti-inhuman in the year 2018. The policy is applied, finally, to a version that is narrow, that only explicitly prohibits, the language that is Human against members of religious groups.

A language that is not human, there is, in particular, in the list of Twitter no-go list, because the research has shown that using contribute to violence in the real world. This is part of the efforts of Twitter, which are great for improving the health conversation on the platform.

Editor : Early Angela